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Shainhouse on the move...again...


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Well, unfortunately my time in Amsterdam is coming to a close in certain respects. I have taken a full time job in London, UK and will be relocating there full time by about mid-December. Saying that, I need to keep a legal address in the Netherlands for another eight months and will be keeping my flat here in Amsterdam, visiting every other weekend because I love this city.

It is very, very difficult to find a good job in the Netherlands in entertainment without speaking Dutch, so I gave up and accepted a position in London. I'd like to move back and relocate again in a few years, but only time will tell.

So, as of 2008, I'll be in London, UK and everyone is welcome to visit. For the few who came here to Amsterdam (mister slippery, ari), thanks, it was lovely.

till later...

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Congratulations Shain! This is a huge step! As much as I love you for your wonderful self, I can't help but consider the fringe benefits of having a friend stationed in London. Whoot, whoot!!! (still, nothing will beat Leeds!) Hey! Does that mean an unemployed stiff like myself might have a chance at a couch to surf in the land of Bikes and Buds over the next few months??

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hey shain, i hope to take full advantage of you being in london at some point in the next year! ;)

a perfect and cheap sunday in london:

- speaker's corner in hyde park

- lunch at camden market

- a beer at the sunday afternoon jazz jam at jazz cafe also in camden town

- more late afternoon/into the evening beers at ' come down & meet the folks' -- great community of musicians playing country/folk/bluegrass in london.

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all sounds great to me mate. I love Speaker's Corner and 'Come Down...' so I'm in. I'm so ridiculously busy as of late, so I'll indulge in the New Year whence moving and other matters are more than less sorted, rather than now when things are less than more.

best -

(also, can I download your mixes somewhere? I have #22 and love it mate)

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Ahh cool, you've been to 'come down and meet the folks' eh?? I was introduced to that community through an American guy whom I connected with through the phish community (when i spent time in London in fall 2001). Back then they did it every Sunday..

I won't be visiting London anytime SOON... It would be late Summer / early Fall next year at the earliest.

As for the Kev's Cuts, I'm working on a new one, #24, which should hit the net in the next month I would hope. At that point I think I'll post the whole lot of 'em online once again. Glad you like #22!

Good luck with the moving.

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