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A little Burger King story for you all....

A couple of years ago, I had dropped about 50 lbs...I was lean and mean....

Thanks to a Saturday night ritual, working night shifts, starting at 6pm, I would go to the Rideau Centre, and finish off a double whopper combo prior to driving...

Needless to say....doing that every Saturday night...I put all the weight back on...

I blame the mighty whopper

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That would be awesome

Oh yeah it would. The last shot would be from your perspective in the drivers seat of the bus. You would stop at the next stop and open the doors. Jared would try to get on and you would say "Sorry. This bus is full." and then drive off. The camera would shift to another angle. The shot would be Jared watching an empty bus driving away.

Hahahahaha. Awesome.

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i'll play jared only i'll have to gain a few pounds before we shoot, depending on who we get to do the editing

shakey mcshake-alot stapes might have a camera but we'd have to find someone else to do the actual filming

we'll also need a cheap and willowy slutty type to fetch coffee, sparkling water, fans, smokes, beer, whiskey, yayo etc;

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Whopper with cheese is my goto burger whne available. I've gone out of my way many times to fill the void

anyone else here work at burger king and make your OWN whoppers? Chicken tender toppings on whoppers were delicious! If you remember Burger Bundles, the 3 mini burgers in a pack, I turned them in to mini whoppers. They would have made a killing off of those.

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