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As if we need more proof that Tom Cruise is a loon

Big Wooly Mammoth

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Big birthday bash planned for Suri Cruise

Gossipy guys and gals, it's time to mark your calendars. In exactly one month's time Suri Cruise will reach a monumental milestone -- her second birthday. And plans are already underway to ensure that the unofficial princess of Tinseltown celebrates the big oh-two in style.

There's just one problem. Apparently mama and dada aren't seeing eye-to-eye (insert Tom Cruise short joke here) when it comes to just how lavish their baby girl's big bash should be.

The National Enquirer is reporting that in typical Tommy style, the Cruiser wants to throw an out of this world fete to the tune of $500,000. Yes, you read right. The man is planning to spend half a million smackers for one afternoon that his daughter dearest won't even remember by the time she's old enough to form a complete sentence.

"Tom is out to make Suri's second birthday a spectacle like no other child has ever had," reports the tab, which shouldn't come as too much of shock, seeing as just about everything else in Suri's life thus has been nothing short of spectacular (a Vanity Fair cover at two months, a designer wardrobe by six months, a hair style that's been copied by starlets more than 10 times her age).

And now it seems MomKat is starting to worry about what effect all this extravagance might eventually have on her little girl. "Katie believes wholeheartedly [that a blowout birthday party] would set a bad example. She doesn't want her daughter to be a spoiled Beverly Hills rich kid who expects the biggest and the best for the rest of her life," one source reveals.

Earth to Katie: If you were looking for ghost stories and a weenie roast you probably shouldn't have had a child with Hollywood's most over-the-top titan (you had to know all of that couch jumping would have real life consequences).

Reports thus far indicate that if Tommy has it his way, Suri's party will be an A-list only affair complete with international cuisine (you know how two-year-olds love their Asian fusion), a $60,000 birthday cake and live performers. "He's planning on bringing in an acrobatic troupe from Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas for $100,000," says the source.

Meanwhile, Katie can do her best to contain things, but if Suri's current lavish lifestyle to this point is any indication, this could just be the must-attend social event of the season.

A recent issue of Life & Style revealed the details of TomKat and fam's daily life. The cozy crew is currently holed up at the Los Angeles Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre where Suri often isn't sent to bed until 11 PM (which also happens to be the Gossipy Gal Pal's bed time, but I digress).

"She goes to sleep late because we go to sleep late," explains Katie, clearly a little confused about the fundamental differences between a baby and an adult. Using that logic little Suri could also drink beer, drive a car and wear provocative lingerie.

Does that mean we can expect her b-day bash to be an all-nighter? That remains to be seen, but one thing you can bet on is the sparkling celebrity guest list certain to turn up for the Cruise family fiesta.

I'm guessing we'll see the Beckhams, J-Lo and her new twins, Jenny and Jim and most definitely Will and Jada, particularly in light of the latest rumours that Big Willy Styles may soon be known by a different title: Big Willy Sci.

Radar magazine reports that the real life Mr. and Mrs. Smith are being groomed to become the new King and Queen of Xenu, revealing that "The Church has set its sights on African Americans, opening up a center in Harlem in 2003 and making a strong play for Hollywood super couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett."

For a while now, Will has been easing his way into the shallow end of Sci guy behaviour. Last year, he defended Tommy's controversial church in an interview with 60 Minutes, saying he was "a student of world religion."

Add that to the fact that the Cruises have been cozying up to their new pals like white on rice in recent months (no doubt Posh and Becks are feeling the sting of neglect) and it's pretty clear that a full-scale conversion is in the works.

The actor was even seen handing out free Scientology personality tests on the set of his new movie Hancock, co-starring Charlize Theron. No doubt Charlz is less than thrilled that her big box office co-star is the new sultan of Sci. The Cruiser hasn't had a hit movie in years, and as for fellow Sci mouthpiece John Travolta, I think Wild Hogs speaks for itself.

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Rich people spend lots of money. They have it to spend.

I just saw a television show about an incredible home...that has a staircase and a spiral slide 'for the kids'

Now maybe that's a bit more tangible than a birthday party, but the guy had the money to put a slide in his home.

They have the cash to have a half a million dollar birthday party for a toddler.

Irrational? Obviously Crazy? probably not but that's subjective anyway. A Hypocrite? He has been quoted as doing everything in his power to 'help people'

I think it will be an incredible party in every sense of the word.

Every organized reliogion strives for Economic power over its subjects - the Mormons, the Catholic Church, the Church of England, Buddhist Monastaries, even the Hare Krishnas (give all of your stuff to us) When it's laid out with wacky stories and mind control as scientology has it seems sinister. It's organized religion. Of course it is. It makes people crazy because they are led to believe they are more sane than everyone else.

Too bad they can't shell out a full mil.

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And now it seems MomKat is starting to worry about what effect all this extravagance might eventually have on her little girl. "Katie believes wholeheartedly [that a blowout birthday party] would set a bad example. She doesn't want her daughter to be a spoiled Beverly Hills rich kid who expects the biggest and the best for the rest of her life," one source reveals.


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...but they have worked hard for their money, so spend away.

Bullshit. My dad works hard in his factory, they play and I don't care what anyone says it is absolutely ridiculous that, as a society, we let these people become stinking rich. It's also horrible what they are doing to little suri, the next paris hilton.

I like will smith, I think he's funny. Cruise overacts. It saddens me that he's going scientology but then with the amount of money the Cruises and Smiths and such have for doing nothing, they probably own the religion anyway.

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Good news! Tommy has his own official website now:


It is completely worth a visit for the video montage and the personal note.

thanks! needed a Google replacement to start my day

(nice to get the "Build The Tom Cruise Website" contract... figure it'd be worth a cool mill at least... own mansion (full of jumping couches) built within a 5 minute run of Tom's case of late night inspirations... Steve Job's number already programmed onto your Blackberry speed dial in case the custom Mac ever goes down... maybe even get to attend the little one's birthday party)

edit to add: beautifully designed and coded site though, wasn't knocking it... nice soft touch for a site almost exclusively done in flash... the content is way over the top but that reflects the client perfectly so thumbs up from here

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