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Thanks Steve-O, that means a lot to me! I'm really excited to be playing with The Fatties! I first saw them when I was 18 in Browntown @ Goodfellas II, so to be able to play with them now means a lot. Besides, they wouldn't leave me alone, so I caved. ;)

I don't know how many more wop jokes I'll be able to take though. ;)

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WELL, for those of you who don't know...when the Italians migrated to North America in a boat back in the 50's they brought with them an abundance of weed, unfortunately someone forgot the papers. WOP is simply an acronym for without papers. Being the 420 show and all, I thought it was appropriate to share that. True story.

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It's been a whie since I've had a Fatties fix ... I'm really hoping I'll have the energy to make it to this show. Plus that Steve Murphy guy has a lot of friends I like. :)

Peace, Mark

C'mon Mr.Tonin! We'll pick you up at 8ish. You can nap in the bed of the truck and I'll set you up a coffee I.V. :)

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