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iPhone in Canada July 11th


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  • 1 month later...

sorry if there is another post on this somewhere...

is this true?

According to Rogers, iPhone users with 6 GB will be able to visit 35,952 Web pages, or send and receive 157,286 e-mails or watch 6,292 minutes of YouTube videos in a month.

and does anyone know what TOTAL monthly charges will be ie. including phone calls?

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Methinks Bouche got an iPhone today. Or there is another Bouche in the Ottawa / Gatineau area boasting about their success over on the ehMac forums.

Bouche Says - Just activated...finally

hey! That's invasion of innernet privacy.

yeah, I got one. Sold my iPod Touch to a friend at work which covered the cost. I found room in my budget to cover the plan. I have an apple developer membership as I was learning how to do the cocoa thing. I'm interested in learning how to develop a simple app for the iPhone as well.

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Well I'd love to hear more about it. Seems like a terribly cool device. I'll be even more interested to hear about your bills down the road.

I wish I could get one but I can't justify it. My phone is paid for by work at about $130 a month but unfortunately we are with Bell and I am stuck on a Treo.

I have been thinking about going the Touch Root and selling off my Palm TX everything that I could do with that I imagine I can do with the Touch once the 2.0 iPod software is out.

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so far, I am really impressed. I'm loving the camera and my ability to take a photo of anything for any reason and either send it to facebook instantly (using the Facebook App) or to my MobileMe account (which is free for 60 days, but I think it might be worth getting a yearly).

GPS is a nice feature. I tried it while I went out for groceries and it tracked my route in real time. BTW, every photo I take can be geotagged.

I made one call to my sweet wife and that worked better than I expected as well. I have a hard time navigating and controlling her cell phone, and this thing is so easy to make a call, and handle other phone features like "hold" etc.

I'm a retard with the standard cellphone interfaces.

The Apps feature is going to be killer. It already is. I downloaded a free App called "Remote Control" which lets you remotely control iTunes. If you use your computer to play music over a sound system, that's pretty sweet. I don't do that yet, but I can see it being a very popular app.

I'll make sure I'll take advantage of the features of the iPhone. I'll likely be doing alot with it concerning food.

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I can see me dropping it in some soup or a sauce while trying to take a picture. It's not great for photos, but it's great for quick little photos.

I love the SLR and various lenses for proper food photos. The best photos I have managed to take were on our off-white plates. The food looks like it's in one of them white light boxes. But it's really just on a plate.


That could not be pulled off with any iPhone/cellphone camera. That was with a proper lens with as much natural lighting available. NO flash.

ok...so I'm gay for food photos. so sue me.

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