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Introducing STUMBLEWEED - members of Fat Cats, Diesel Dog, Steve Murph Band


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Chris Gatchene - guitar, vocals

Steve Elmo Murphy - guitar, vocals

Shelby Kerr - vocals

Aaron Goldstein - pedal steel

Ike Richardson - electric upright bass

Ricky Neu - drums

Perhaps this is well-known to most, but it's worth mentioning our other affiliations: you know Chris from the Fat Cats, Steve and Shelby from the Elmo Murphy Band (formerly Friends of Hefner), Ike and Ricky as the unstoppable rhythm section in Diesel Dog, and me...well...I play with a lot of people.

Performing covers and originals, nothing but whiskey-fueled alt- and straight country all night long. Lots of twang, lots of two-step, lots of high-lonesome harmony.


Thu July 17 - Pepper Jack's, Hamilton

Sun July 20 - Two Doors Down, Brantford

...and stay tuned for more upcoming dates this summer and fall. Lookin forward to seeing you on the square-dance floor!


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Just imagine if Emmylou Harris had gotten in with Gram Parsons when he was still in the Flying Burrito Brothers, and then George Jones got hip and could pick a mean guitar and came along to join in. That's all the samples you needs, brother!

YEE fuckin' HAAWWW... where can I buy a t-shirt?

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As much as I love the Stand Up Guys (they sounded great at CTMF), I'm a little dissapointed to hear that there is an opening band. That means you guys won't be getting on until midnight I'm assuming... my sitter won't want to be out that late on a Thurs. night, so I guess me and my sour grapes will be staying home.

Super dissapointed as I was pumped for tonight. Hope it all goes well folks. I'm sure it will.

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