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Whats on the SUPERBOWL menu????


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Hey Skanks im deffinatly looking forward to the superbowl weekend and am heading out to a buddys house, and were all going to bring or cook there something, but Im wanted to do something differnt, but still a hearty tail gate kinda food. Any suggestions? What are you guys having? I was thinking off the top of my head maybe going to the butcher and getting some groud beef a little bit of ground pork and gett him to grind up a bit of bacon aswell( perfrably smoked bacon). Then I will mix them all together with some different spices and some grated extra old cheddar and making like a Smoked bacon and cheddar burger. But thast as far as ive gotten, So lets hear it guys whats biding your sporty pallet?

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CatPhish and I have started discussing this and wings look certain so far.

chippy type things are a given but the question is what will the main course be? There was a thread last year and I'm going to refer to it to make sure we don't eat the exact same thing but I'm leaning toward some sorta homemade pizza. Either that or we'll get a pizza from our erstwhile locale- Pubwell's the night before and heat it up for halftime or summat

any way you slice it, I'll be pished.

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What's stopping me from getting a bunch of those boneless chicken wings from Pizza hut, then wrapping them in bacon? Not a whole lot, I tell you, not a whole lot.

Since the wings from Pizza Hut would already have been cooked, and since bacon is only (or more) wrappable in its uncooked state, wouldn't the cooking you'd have to do to the bacon end up re-cooking the wings?



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Stew the wings in curry or jerk sauce, something you can spice yourself to taste, let'em cool and then bake them in the oven after you wrap them with the un-cooked bacon @ apprx.350 degrees. Flip once or twice and you're good. Kepp an eye on'em though, and careful of bones when you're munching.


anything else? ;)

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TB - awesome call on the jerk wings...but that's kinda like cooking steak for Thanksgiving.

I seem to recall that Northern Wish is the king of wings.

Buffalo wings...lemmee see if I can remember...

batter some wings (i think therein lies the secret) and deep fry them...however, I wiki'd Buffalo Wings and apparently this isn't a truly buffalo thing to do.

put in oven to crisp after removed from fryer

While crisping, make the sauce - Franks's red hot (cayenne sauce) and Margarine (or butter if you want to avoid the cancer...but margarine adds that 'Je ne sais quoi')



Did I miss a step?

I'd be totally into your wings, TB, as I would steak at Thanksgiving...but then again, there's every other day on the calendar (maybe not easter or christmas) that those jerk wings would be ideal.

there's a 'bacon explosion' dish coming up on CBC Newsworld this morning.

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