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Phish 6-18


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Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA

Last updated on June 18 at 10:56 pm by Micah Gordon

Set One

Golgi Apparatus

Chalk Dust Torture

Bouncing Around The Room

Wolfman's Brother

The Divided Sky

Heavy Things

Walk Away




David Bowie

Set Two

Down With Disease >



Piper >

When The Circus Comes To Town

Harry Hood

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Schwa, you suck at posting setlists. If you are going to do it please post the entire thing.

06/18/09 Post Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA

Set I: Golgi Apparatus, Chalkdust Torture, Bouncing Around the Room, Wolfman's Brother, The Divided Sky, Heavy Things, Walk Away1, Wilson, Tube, Alaska, David Bowie

Set II: Down With Disease> Free, Guyute, Piper> When the Circus Comes to Town, Harry Hood, The Squirming Coil, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Grind, Hello My Baby, HYHU> Bike2> HYHU, Loving Cup

2nd set looks deadly for 2009 Phish.

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True dat. DSky, YEM, DwD, Free, Coil, Hood, Wolfmans all making frequent appearances.

Although one could argue that they'd rather see them play 80 different songs very very well, rather than 250+ disasters.

I do think they are focusing on the new stuff too. The two versions I saw of Kill Devil Falls were remarkably different from each other in the post lyrics segment.

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I agree with the little tedious... but you have to keep in mind they have to get these songs down so later on when they bust them out once ever few shows they are skin tight... also keep in mind that everyone of these shows is someone first show back, just get the dust off all that shit... so no need for a song about trey riding his bike...

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Fucking Phisheads and their complaints. Nothing satisfies them but the one thing ya'll never handle well is objective criticism regarding your favorite band. My mind is boggled by that irony.

The following is absolutely 100% correct and I would venture to even say 40 songs rather than shite:

Although one could argue that they'd rather see them play 80 different songs very very well, rather than 250+ disasters.
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I like the quick account of the show from Phish-News:

Notes: The show ended at 12:10am, long after a reported 11pm curfew, including an encore exceeding 22 minutes on its own! (The first set was 8:10-9:40pm, second set 10:10-11:40pm.) Short version: They paused between Grind and Hello my baby because Page blew the wrong note. Hello my baby was unfinished with Trey laughing and telling the crowd Fishman will now sing Bike. Long version: After Grind, they started and stopped Hello My Baby, during which Trey said Page blew the wrong note. The band huddled away from the mic, and then Trey promised, "If we screw up again, Jon is going to sing Bike for you." They started again and messed it up (they were all laughing by this point) so then Trey said something like, "Son of a Bitch, we're

doing bike." Trey ran over to the drums and started playing HYHU which morphed into Jon picking up the vacuum everyone in the crowd going crazy and then Jon saying, "Welcome to the train wreck portion of the show. I hope I remember how to sing this song." Before going into Bike (forgetting a number of the lyrics) w/ vacuum solo at the end, then Jon did an intro of the band

(introducing himself last as Henrietta), then Trey came back out and they did Loving Cup.

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