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Velvet blog?


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Hey all,

As many of you know I do a lot of travelling and a fair amount of writing about said travels. This journalistic hobby started here at jambands.ca with the nerologs and chronicled my journeys across Newfoundland, Scandinavia, Peru, NYC, Timbuktu and others, not to mention the reviews and interviews I've been doing recently for soundproofmagazine.com and 24 Hours. When you put it all together there's a heck of a lot of content - the nerologs alone comprise almost 150 pages of text.

I've been given a unique oppourtunity to give wider voice to my ramblings. The Ottawa Bluesfest has asked me to supply daily reviews for their official online newsletter, so basically what I previously wrote about here I will be doing for them. They have asked if I have a blog or something they can link to. It seems like a good oppourtunity to expose the masses to my drivel.

So, does anyone know where/how I can create my very own unique blog site where I can easily upload lots of content? If it is at all difficult I just won't get to it - it's gotta be easy (a little self-awareness there).

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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The easiest would be to go to blogger.com, wordpress.com or any of the other hosted solutions and get started. You can't really go wrong with any of them and they are all geared towards making things easy on ya. It's as easy as posting on jambands.

Look forward to reading it!

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Yeah I set up a blogger site for school. Super easy to set up (although I am sure you could find someone to help you if you wanted) plus once its set up its basically type and submit (or copy and paste if you prefer using word or something). My wife uses Word Press for work and likes it better, but I guess you can look at both and see which one you like better.

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It looks like the most recent upgrade to jambands.ca included the addition of a new blogging feature. If you go to your user profile page (mine is here; Velvet, yours is here), you can add "Blog Entry" postings, which are done just like regular topic postings (e.g., same codes for embedding images, etc.) which can then be viewed by other users when they visit your user profile's page.



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Are these things free?

Yeah, totally. For wordpress you have 2 options, wordpress.org, which you download and host somewhere (complicated to me), or wordpress.com, which is hosted by them for free (simple).

Took me one day to set up the system and it's now managed by someone who has VERY minimal internet or computer skills.

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Here I was playing around with wordpress that bouche set up for me, and I was thinking, nah...then I looked at what Blane has going and that's exactly what I want. Oddly, it seems that's exactly what I have. Or is it?

Do you mean visually? Could it be about the theme? If you look at the bottom of Blane's site there is actually a link to the theme that he uses if you actually wanted "exactly" what he has going on. Or just google 'wordpress themes'

It's just like skinning a cat. Wait, no, that can't be right. It's just like dressing up dolls. Oh shit, I'm so getting beat up at recess.

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As mentioned above, it's just a matter of managing the theme, or "look" you want. In the control panel of your blog you can go to "Manage Themes" (or something similar, mine is in french so I don't know the exact label). You can then sort through tons of possible themes according to number of columns, colours, etc., add whatver "widgets" you want (calendar, flickr tool, RSS reader, etc.), and then preview what the whole thing would look like. So it's basically a two step process:

1. Find a general theme you like

2. customise it so it has what you want in it.

Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

ps. this is a cool site for playing around with the look of different themes (switch themes on teh right hand side of the screen).


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