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Holiday Staff Party DJ recommendations


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So I'm DJ'ing this holiday staff party for like 200-250 people working with people or living with mental illness - they range from 30-70.

Basically I've heard 1958-2009 is doable but as with say wedding music people want to hear It's Raining Men or some shit. I have a sense of the staples which I'm pulling together but want some cool remixes or medleys that would spice things up a bit. You know the stuff people will recognize and dance to but you won't cringe playing it.

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Don't forget some rock and roll... A quote from the last wedding I dj'd: "ok so the music has been great, we've had all the great funk and stuff but where's the rock and roll? How about some rock and roll!"

I found this cure for this is, "back in black", ACDC always wins, followed up with "yell fire" by spearhead. Franti does this mix now live, but I invented it ;)

If it's a cool crowd that's dancin and grooving don't be afraid to push it with a bit of Sasha/Digweed.

St. Germain is always good early if people are just millin and shuffling.

A little drunk music like David Wilcox always pleases the crowd.

70's disco cheese, 80's rap/hip-hop anthems.

Sounds like the kinda crowd where you might need a little of everything and be switching gears every two or three songs. The older folks might want to hear some 50's boogie woogie...

Good luck and have fun.

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Oh I totally have. It's what you'd think Beatles, Stones, Bee Gees, Led Zep, Doobie Bros., Michael Jackson, Prince, the aforementioned 80's/90's hip hop staples, up to the present.

I just want to play recognizable but slightly less played out cuts ie. for Zeppelin say Fool In The Rain not Dazed and Confused (although both are pretty played like Jerry Seinfeld's Hello).

That Twelves remix of A-Ha's Take On Me was perfect.

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