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Thanks Ms. Hux and LMP!!!!


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Well Ladies that was one FUN night!!!

Thank you Ms. Hux for hosting a wonderful party for the ladies. What more could you ask for .....girls, food ,drinks, hot tub, and bags full of sex fun?!?!!?

And thank you LMP for giving such a wonderful presentation. You are just too cute and have the perfect personality to ..... well...sell sex!!!

Thank you to you and Palace Princess for making the journey to Ottawa (it was great to see you both)!!!! I have a feeling you will be coming back more then once a year!!!

And who could forget "Side Show Douglas", our new up and coming Fantasia Rep!!! Douglas you had me in stitches!!!!

I've already dived into my little box of treats......oooohhhh the powder.....so nice (plus I feel like a CSI agent with the duster, I think that's what truly sold me - teehee).

Safe journey back home girls!!!! And for the rest of you "nasty's" ...I'll be seeing you tonight!!!


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hahahahahah... be careful with that stuff!!!

i got that powder too sunshiney so i can feel like a mooooooovie star. plus lots of other neat things that smell good...

thank you soooooooo much ms hux for hostessing [hostess with the mostest inDEED :D] miss pink & princess for making the trek and hauling the goods, and all the fine ottawa foxes who turned out for the soiree!!! an excellent night with the ladies, you all had me laughing MFAO. the food! the hot tub! the prince! the goodies! the sexy ladies! the GEORGE MICHAEL RECORD from palace princess, man... i think that was my best birthday to date. thanks y'all!!!!

:: ;):D

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Thanks to all the wonderful ladies that came out last night. Several times I looked around the room and thought how lucky I am to know such remarkable women. We laughed our asses off and ate like the thighs don't matter. What a time.

LMP and Palace Princess thanks so much for making the long drive. Obviously it wouldn't have been quite the same without you. Your smiles light up a room and you bring sex toys.... nice!

BTW, we really DO need a new head board. YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!

Ladies, can we do that more often?

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Friday night Girlie party in Ottawa was TOO much fun!

Thanks Ms Hux for putting it all together and hosting everyone in your beautiful home!

Thanks to all the girls for making this the most successful Fantasia party I have ever done.

Meggo - I'm glad you had a good birthday! Thanks for having Becky and I over night. And for picking a yummy breakfast spot before we headed back on the road.

Girls - I can't wait to come back. You are all such unique, beautiful women. Ottawa is very lucky to have each and every one of ya's!

big hugs and kisses being sent your way. Hope you're all still having fun with all your new stuff!

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[live from the hot tub ->] "i like to touch people... it's just what i do. if you don't like it, just say so, but yeah, just warning you, i like to touch"

:: :D :: :D

well hatt DAMN, ottawa has some fine wimmins! what a crazy, superfun night. girls gone wild, indeed!

i can't even begin to sum up how much fun that whole night was! a house jam packed with fineass half-naked females (still dripping & steaming from the hatt tub), a massive orgy of food, and all the sex toys we could possibly ram into miss pink's dildomobile. what more could you ask for?!

ms. hux, thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful night! you guys have SUCH a beautiful home (congratulations!!!), and it was so kind of you to open it up to all of us crazy vixens. (bouche, you did an excellent job hiding out in the office. heehee). really happy to hear you need a new headboard...ALREADY! and ms. hux, i was absolutely delighted to see your wild side out in full force. hahaha.

what a great group of girls. i'm still laughing. :: "sideshow douglas" (btw, sunshine, i almost peed my pants when i read that! ::), you REALLY should look into becoming ottawa's newest (and finest!) fantasia rep, you definitely have a flair for it. lady, you were cracking me up all night, it was fricken awesome to see your wild side out all night too! gad, you ottawa hotties need to come down 'round these parts more often.

sunshine, howler, it was soooooooo nice to see both of you foxes again! i don't get the pleasure nearly enough. howler, i'm really looking forward to your trip down here on the 10th, and sunshine, i am still in awe at your (many!) hidden talents, i'm dragging you out to an ice rink at the very next opportunity!

voodoolady, it was GREAT to finally meet you! catphish, it was just as great to re-meet you, i can still hear your glorious giggle. so fun!

keeping with the aliases here, i believe it's bug (?) who's next, but girl, you are just adorable, it was great to meet you as well! moe.ron, it is always a pleasure (i was so happy to see you were there!), and rosie (not sure if you are on the board) you are a ton of fun. :D i still drool even thinking of your red pepper dip.

my goodness, i could go on for days with shouts out to all these lovely ladies! jodie (LJFH?), chrissy, maggie, geez, everybody there was so fricken fun! (i hope i'm not leaving anybody out, and sorry if i did!). too much fun in one night to even capture all at once. (especially with a magnum of wine in the mix, haha).

miss meggo, i hope you had a SICK amount of birthday fun! it was soooo wonderful to see you in person. thank you endlessly for hosting miss pink & i, it's been too long since i've had a good old fashioned girlie slumber party. i loved our little breakfast as well, and i can't wait to see you over the christmas holidays!

and of course, miss pink, thanks so much for escorting us to & from ottawa-la-la-land. i especially loved our eye of the tiger dance party on the way back. :D ahhh, 2 girls, a little pink car full of dildos & a destination pretty much guaranteed to be fun.. add another chapter to sucessful (& obscenely fun) road trips! whooohooo!



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Hey LADIES!!! Wow...I had sooo much fun with all of you! Thanks so much LMP and PalacePrincess and Ms.Hux for getting this together for us! I'm still twitching :o

Yummy food, great entertainment, super-fantastic people...let's do it again!!! (I already have a list for my next order!!!) Which reminds me LMP - I came home with that sheet with my address on it...check your pm's please!

Thanks again! BEST NIGHT EVER!

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