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Drinking and Posting Do not Mix


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After all my stuipness in the Trey post (sorry Shitidiot) I came to the conclusion that drinking and posting do not mix. I was just wondering what else doesn't mix with drinking....

Cully...yer a damn fast learner. Took me at least 3 flaming burns to learn that one...and I still sometimes forget by the time the thrid bottle of red gets uncorked.

Shitidiot...fack, man, can't wait to meet your funny ass in person. Maybe we can do some "Howling" 'round here sometime!

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I almost never even consider visiting the board without a few drinks in me.

'though I also don't like to read my own posts for the same reason.

Just posting to lend credence to Lazlo's post above.

It shall be known as Lazlo's law: his post makes the thread gayer, and every post thereafter will serve only to prove the rule.

I have used the word 'post' too many times. There is nothing to do in Nepean but drink.

(and woe! verily, he did come out of the east and say: 'there is nothing to do in Nepean, but to drink')

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