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LIVEPHISH Hampton 3/6/09 - MP3s up!!!

Kanada Kev

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They got 'em up and the emial was out at 2:40am. Good fucking job boys :)


Free MP3 Downloads of Hampton 3/6/09

Free Live Phish Hampton MP3s


The first night of Phish's return to the stage at Hampton Coliseum is now available for download at LivePhish.com. Download free MP3s or order FLACs or CDs. Save 10% when you order all three nights on CD or FLAC downloads.


3/6/09 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA


Fluffhead (16:17)

The Divided Sky (14:11)

Chalk Dust Torture (7:28)

Sample in a Jar (6:06)

Stash (12:22)

I Didn't Know (4:03)

The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony> (1:49)

Suzy Greenberg (5:42)

Farmhouse (5:21)

NICU (5:09)

Horn (3:44)

Rift (6:25)

Train Song (3:15)

Water in the Sky (3:59)

The Squirming Coil (7:30)

David Bowie (10:29)


Backwards Down the Number Line (7:09)

Tweezer (12:50)

Taste (9:21)

Possum (8:25)

Theme from the Bottom (8:39)

First Tube (7:19)

Harry Hood (13:54)

Waste (5:35)

You Enjoy Myself (21:28)


Grind (1:58)

Bouncing Around the Room (3:58)

Loving Cup (7:09)

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In honor of to nights show, I'm listening to last nights show... Just started set two, really dig that new tune "Backwards Down The Number Line" its gonna be a big one, Trey sounds great in the middle and there's potential for a good cohesive jam building. Reminiscent of the way in which the Billy Breaths era tune were built.

Dude, I'm stoked for PhIsH 3.0; I think it's what my life's been missing as of late. Bring the new tunes ;-)

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