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Fall Phish Tix?

Wassink Wild Card!

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are lottery / pre-sale mail order tickets already finished?

The deadline for sending in your tickets request for the lottery was Friday.

Just checked my CC statement. 246.87 was charged to my credit Card about 20 minutes ago!

That was me :P

There's some charges on my card too. Could be the tickets, or maybe just the groceries and gas I bought on the weekend. Fingers crossed!

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I tried for the lottery, however, my credit card was compromised and I just received a new one.

This means my card won't work.

I have been going for tickets through the lottery system pretty much every tour this millennium and have never once scored them.

I guess I'll be trying with TicketBastard, yet again.

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As posted by tbk420 on 10/09/09 at 12:38PM ET :

Looks like we're on Step 7 of 12...right on track!


1 - Tour announced CHECK!

2 - Initial flurry of self'ings, ranging from tour date predictions to mistaken venues CHECK!

3 -Complaints about tour dates, venues, ticket price, and the band itself CHECK!

4 -Noob influx, as noted by the second round of self'ings - multiple orders on same card, etc. General inability to read instructions becomes apparent CHECK!

5 - Sporadic conflicts erupt over perceived abuse of the lottery system, coupled with demands that a merit system / old mail order system be put in place CHECK!

6 -Noob anxiety escalates as the lottery closes. Within hours, people demand to know when the results will be announced.CHECK!

7 -General chaos ensues, as holds appear and disappear from cards, cards are lost, ex-girlfriends cancel cards.CHECK!

8 -Results come out. The "Haves" mercilessly taunt the "Have Nots". More fights break out over multiple orders, and scalpers flood the board. Noobs begin to chart StubHub prices.

9 -Preparation begins for the great TicketMaster rodeo. Practice threads pop up, along with potential backdoor links. Noobs crowing about "scoring on StubHub", and not having to worry about TM.

10 -Ticketmaster onsale. Server crashes immediately, 23 "FUCK TM" threads simultaneously appear on PT.

11 -Three minutes later, all shows sold out. First 15 pages of PT consumed by ticket trade offers. People lick their wounds, exchange TM queue wait times. Back door link folks rejoice, thank Bassman.

12 -PT slowly devolves back to "normal". Random outbreaks of anger and self'ings occur as ticket trades go south. Regular Consider It Dan skirmishes.

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