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hahaha. secret? not at all. It also wasn't a nero show. If it were, I would never want to have that on my property. That would mean zero fun for me and running around endlessly trying to maintain and getting no time to socialize or sleep.

This was a party at my home. I never had any intention to not include anyone specifically and the list of people I would have liked to invite but didn't is likely twice as large as the amount of people who were here.

All it comes down to though is I have this party to see my friends once a year, which is about as often as I get to see some of them these days, and if this were a nero show and not a party, I wouldn't see any of them, I'd have an awful time, and I'd likely never do it again.

So, sorry if anyone felt slighted. I had to keep it a certain size which it will always be. Maybe nero can get together and play a venue that isn't my home and then it can be an open thing.

Other than that bullshit,

What an awesome time. Seriously haven't felt that good playing since the first reunion. And although this is fresh in my mind, I think it was better. So good to play with Chris and Jay again. Also the Huey Lewis with Todd and Matt was big fun.

Thanks all.

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