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Bob Loblaw & Death Cake @ Cafe Dekcuf


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Bob Loblaw w/ guests Death Cake

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cafe Dekcuf



The return of legendary Ottawa freak-rockers Bob Loblaw is upon us. Following a 15-year incubation period the local quartet has been drawn out of hiding and is ready to spill back onto the live music scene.

Opening the show is the debut of Death Cake, the hard-driving funk/electronica duo made up of two thirds of Ottawa's favourite jammers, nero.

While Bob Loblaw kept busy throughout the '90's filling just about every club in town, their favourite haunt was always the mighty Whipping Post, where a young nero cut their teeth as frequent openers. It's only fitting then that the re-emergence of Bob Loblaw and the first public performance of Death Cake will occur together within those same hallowed walls above Rideau Street at Cafe Dekcuf.

Bob Loblaw is:

Paul Chiles - bass

JP Cote - guitar

Mike Essoudry - drums

Todd Snelgrove - guitar

Death Cake is:

Dave Lauzon - guitar

Jay McConnery - drums

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1) The Boogiemen and Bob Loblaw have played together twice (including the first setblenders), and to my knowledge Bob has never, ever booked a show and not played it.

2) Yes, Bob Loblaw predates Arrested Development. Just another example of how influential the band was.

3) Sorry Dave, but the funk/electronica tag sells a lot of tickets. Asses in seats my friend.

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"freak-rockers" - I love the genre!

Yep, I'll be there on April 7th, likely with a few Bob Loblaw newbies in tow. This will be an awesome reason to say in town on the Easter weekend.

I saw Bob Loblaw several times in the mid-90s. Great fun! I still have the cassette they released way back then.

We'll be waxing nostalgic that night for sure.

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Someone tell Whitey!!!!

Whitey actually made it into the lyrical content of a Bob tune. We have a disco tune called Clam Chowder with the following chorus:

Get dancing in your nightie,

Get dancing like Whitey

Political correcti-righty

We're all taking Tai Chi

Worry not, most of our stuff isn't quite so cerebral.

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