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do you collect ticket stubs?

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my bro have over 1000 stubs and only from real concerts. all over the place, another friend of mine has around 500, and he did what you are saying, he framed them in collage form by date, in about 6 large frames, they are along the wall inb this hall, its really cool cause you can look threw them and find cool dead shows, and a few are auto0graphed

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I have every ticket stub I have ever used. I have around 1000- 1500. Probably just about every show I have attended (even the small clubs where I would make a point to buy in advance to get a stub).

I have so many and so many of my friends know about it, I have even been given a gift to store them in. A friend of mine bought me a nice wooden box with a Phish on it.... and had a brass plaque attached that reads "Golgi Apparatus" (I saw you with the ticket stub in your hand).

It'll make great wall art some day.....


ps. My favorite is the I Mother Earth, Headstones, Our Lady Peace triple bill from high school when no one had heard of any of them and the whole show was $4!!!!

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I collect stubs too, and keep them in an album. One day I will frame them all, but only once I know that I am not going to see a certain band anymore. Until then I will use the album, and finally frame when I have a nice complete set of stubs.

I have everything since about 1989, but I am missing a ton where stubs weren't given because we bought at the door of a club, or they just didn't have tickets!


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yup i've got a whack of them too - - only missing maybe 4 or 5 and i've got them written down in with all the stubs. Got a beauty 'kids in the hall' from 94 that they all autographed and a Leonard Cohen one with his scrawl on it...I also managed to keep all my rave flyers(jeezus i wonder how really)

Anyways, a caution - remember that most tickets(ie ticketbastard) are printed using thermal ink. Put those on a wall in a frame and 2 months of non-direct sunlight will wipe them blank. You'll be left with the greatest collection of blank ticketstubs ever. My highschool concert buddy used to put all his stubs under the glass top of his parents bar - by the time HS was over, they were all blank....

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Wow I bet that was pretty far out. Seems to me this crazy band called "Legion of Green Men" used to play late night gigs at the Science Center. I kinda wish I'd been to a rave at some point. When I was living in Vancouver there was this crazy rave out in the woods on night, by the beach. Dee-Lite was playing. I always regret not going.

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Guest Low Roller

I totally collect ticket stubs. I'm pretty vigilant with concert tickets, but I also have major parting issues with movie tickets (especially big opening night ones!), and other miscellaneous ones like sports tickets.

My concert ticket stubs have been framed and are proudly displayed on my wall.

I have the same problem as Del-Head. I wish a lot of local shows had ticket stubs... I remember seeing a ton of epic shows like African Heritage Ensemble, Moses Mayes, legendary Nero shows, Smokestack, etc... it would be nice to have those stubs if these bands become commonplace names five years from now.

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yup. stuff 'em all in a tazmanian devil mug i got from KFC... the mug is full, mug two is from Almost Heaven, PA... its getting there.

my favorite stub is a piece of paper tied to a string. my friend made it in the parking lot of some punk festival in woodstock... anyone remember 'on the 11th day'?? hahah... we went into the food vending booth, and made our own food, and our own tickets... the party ended at 2, so we ransacked woodstock all night, tagging along this guy who lost his ride (arrested for selling lsd) then, we made breakfast while the seniors played bingo.... what a night. the dude without the ride couldnt believe the shit we were up to... especially when we greeeted him with a plate full of breakfast at 7 am. i drove the lsd dealers van back to k-town and left it in victoria park, as per the lsd dudes instructions... then home to bed. (i also still have the original ticket stub, i never needed it )

[big Grin]

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when my parents had a house fire in 1994, all of my Grateful Dead stubs were still pinned to a corkboard in my old bedroom...they didn't make it out on time [Frown]

i'm looking at one of my older stubs... Rod Stewart 1984 when I was 15 at the CNE, $17.50

the Eurythmics opened and Rod kicked soccer balls into the crowd during his show [Cool]

I have an unused ticket here for Days Of You w/ Solar Circus (from the states i believe) 1991 @ Lee's Palace

Something else i started saving were my laminates from working with DSO

Pete the old road manager made the majority of them and gave me all the pre-bones lammies as well, so i've got 26 (or more) of them as souvenirs of the old days [Cool]

Pete always did the art work to give clues of a different Dead song each tour, and everybody would try to figure out which tune it was...

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i dont think i own a sports ticket stub....lol

Think how many shows you've seen sean, where you didn't get a stub.

now i'm not counting those...but imagine....

people in our scene see lots of music.

its grrrrreat. i hope i've seen a 1000 shows by age 30. That'd be awesome...

I wonder if Big Cypress would still be my favorite???

I imagine it would.

eh, have you decided which Bowie show(s) your going to?

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I keep all mine,although I am missing quite a few from over the years.

First Dylan - 04.19.1980 Massey Hall.

First GD - 06.21.1984 Canada's Wonderland

My ma used to drag me around to alot of shows in the 70's.First fest I recall well was Mariposa Folk fest - Harbour Islands, Toronto 1975 (I was 5),I may have the stub around but I doubt it.

One un-used GD ticket from march 93 Ohio,first night was cancelled due to the snow storm.Deadbase doesn't even have it listed as cancelled or that it was scheduled.

Not sure exactly how many I have been at.

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