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  1. Wow, that's really terrible.
  2. Ms.Huxtable

    Chicken Soup

    I'm an egg noodle kinda girl when it comes to chicken soup. Broad noodle (how'd you guess Davey?) I like to throw spinach or kale (chopped up) to my soups. It adds nice colour, flavour and nutrition. Peas and corn in chicken soup = gross. Also, don't go making a cream of chicken soup. Blech.
  3. What Velvet said. I mean they'll play Laval and not Ottawa? So who's up for the Laval show? LOL
  4. Wicked Grin is opening for us and perhaps the keyboard player will join us for a few songs. I am really good friends with the keyboard player Ev, so you'll be seeing us partner up like this a lot.
  5. Dirty Little Secret (for which I am the singer) is playing this Friday the 16th at the Brass Monkey. Come on out! Brass Monkey Dirty Little Secret
  6. Two of my all time favorite vacation reads were: The Apprentice - Jacques Pepin Dirt - Motley Crue
  7. NEXT WEEK!! Tee hee hee. I just loaded up my Kindle in anticipation. Here's one I'll be reading that you may enjoy:
  8. Happy birthday to my favorite Skank. MWAH.
  9. Love, love, love Zeus.
  10. Fan of Breaking Bad? CHECK THIS OUT!
  11. DLS is likely on from 11-1:30, give or take.
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