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Questions of the Day


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i'll start...

A) i dont like cereal now at all, but when i was pregnant i'd eat raisin bran like there was no tomorrow - funny thing is, my pregnant friend complained to me once about how much raisin bran she was eating... wierd eh?

B) growing up, i loved those shredded wheat pucks, but i'd throw half a canister of brown sugar on them

C) dim sum hands down

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a) Probably Corn Bran.

B) Life Cereal...back in the days when you couldn't get it in Canada. My Grandmother used to take bus trips to Buffalo for shopping and bring it back for us.

c) When I'm at a resort on vacation, I just stick my face in the buffet trough and start snorfling, leaving a seriously packed omelette for last.

d) Burritos at Come Together in September...what a way to start the day.



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a. I really like quaker harvest crunch

b. I used to love captain crunch

c. but I do like cereal. Mind you, my favorite breaky used to be the Healthy Habit special in Kingston (thanks to the killer homefries), but I had an even better one in Lindsay at the Lindsay Eaten Place.

d. I made a buritto out of a pancake, bacon, eggs, and maybe some syrup, and Paul B. ate it.

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How's this for boring?

a)My favourite cereals are Wheatabix and Shredded Wheat.

b)When I was a kid my favourite cereals were also Wheatabix and Shredded Wheat. Maybe this has something to do with my bland British heritage. It must be in my blood, I don't know anybody younger than my Grandma who does or who has ever liked Wheatabix other than me.

c)My favourite breakfast is green, smell vaguely like a skunk, and taste great. That's right wake and bake ........................................

followed by a big bowl of, you guessed it Wheatabix or Shredded Wheat.

d)I would like to share a story. I once woke up and had a shower. So far, so good. I then had a bowl that was filled with two portions of Wheatabix, two portions of Shredded Wheat, cool creamy 3.25% milk and ample brown sugar. Nice.

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a) granola when I'm camping otherwise nil

B) The Capt'n or anything that had a secret decoder thingy (I think it was from the movie the Black Hole - coolest cereal toys EVER!

c) French Toast with Ketchup and Bacon

d) Step out of my hut - proceed for a thirty second walk to Mama San making me a Mango shake walking back to my hammock, sparking a bowl and baking in the sun - Ko Phan Gan, Thailand

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A - Champale breakie with Davey-Boy watching ManUa and Liverpool play (no need to rub any of those in Barrett), 9:00 am kickoff, breakie at 4pm (we should have warned you not to come over that night Bouche)

B - Cap n' Crunch

C - same as A but I love a good ole Treyter made breakie sandwich, its basically bacon and eggs and cheese. no tomatoe, no lettuce.

D - got up, smoked a bowl or 20 and dropped a couple a hits of California Sunshine(and that has happened more than I care to admit). One morning was my favorite breakie ever, the other one was my least favorite ever (didnt do it too much after that one!)...lets just say I had to turn music off at one point (and I think it was either the Dead or the Beatles)..."Sunglasses on, sunglasses off"....hard to believe I am clean now.

as Treyter says "beer and pot dont count"

(I just went back to re-read some of these, too weird Bouche. Cap-n-Crunch came to me like I ate it yesterday)

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a) Raisin Bran

B) Loved (still do) those wheat pucks, with sugar, hot smile.gif" border="0

c) Nothing like a couple of eggs (anyway), sausage, bacon, toast and spuds of some kind. Gotta have a side of ketchup too!

d) sittin' on buddies porch as the sun comes up after a looong nite of PAR-T. eatin frosted mini wheats and cheese while smokin' butts out of the ash tray. seemed like the right thing to be doing.

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There's one coming in April I believe (who cares if its a work day, we can take the time off)

Anyone else in Ottawa or beyond that cares to join?

You must not fear the FEAR

You must embrace it

I fear the FEAR and typically, there is no embankment on the embracement, but, DAMN, I try.

No Suzies allowed

9 AM > nonstop > odd glass of water with scotch > 420's that happen when they happen


who knows where the noes goes when you can sniff lunch

If you got the money, we got the buzz (or we will need your buddy to provide it, we got money!)

(I better be able to get that day off or I aint gonna be pissed)

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Exam week, grade 11, 7:30 am. My phone rings. My friend Carleton yells in my ear, "C'mon over! Spaghetti!" and hangs up. Dunno why, but I dragged my ass outta bed and drove the 25 km's to Carleton's house. His family had just got a new housekeeper, and she had just arrived from Italy. Carleton put her to the test and we had homemade pasta and meat sauce with garlic bread and salad with wicked Italian pastry dessert things. Pretty good breakfast.

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a) expresso..i would have it black,but i reason that i can prevent osteoporosis by having a latte...juice..can't get on the food train 4 hours after gettin' up..organic shreddies these days.

b)cheerios..cheerios..ode to cheerios!

c)toasted onion bagel w/smoked salmon..only ever have this w/mum/sloth hates salmon.once we had salmon in the freezer and i think it was there 4 over a year..yum..

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after years of alienation I finally find someone else who like's ketchup on thier french toast(thanks Scottieking)...I have never understood why anybody see's a problem with that, but everytime I sit down to a plate of french toast people cringe at my attempt to smother it with ketchup.


AS a kid I use to love those variety packs with all the little boxes of cereal.I miss Opening the little doors and over flowing the box with milk so that they dripped all over the carpet while watching the Smurfs.

Sometimes I still try to race the kids I work with for the cereal box prize.

Mike lets go to LIndsay for breakfast again soon.

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