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Roll call: TMNS & BGH tonight at Dekcuf!!!!


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TONIGHT - December 5, 2002

This is an exciting evening for everyone. Jambands.ca is happy to announce that The Music Never Stoped and Blue Grassy High will be playing the Cafe Dekcuf tonight.

The Music Never Stopped are Ottawa's own tribute to the legendary Grateful Dead. Please join them for a night of music that spans the long strange trip that started in the 60's and is still alive today.

New comers Blue Grassy High will take the stage early to warm everyone up with acoustic Dead, Beatles and Phish all seasoned with the flavor of bluegrass. Very special guest Dave-O will be joining them on banjo.

Jambands.ca is pleased to be working together with Cafe Dekcuf to bring Ottawa the music we love. Come on out and show your support to ensure more nights like this will happen in the future.

Peace and love.

When? Tonight, December 5. (BGH takes the stage at 9:00 TMNS around 10:00)

Where? Cafe Dekcuf, 221 Rideau Street.

How much? $5.00

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Hey, what about Food Bank Donations? anybody willing to drive em to a Food Bank if people bring em? I can send some cans with bouche...

Dont forget - if you are going to do it - send some decent stuff ok? [big Grin] not just Kraft dinner...

merry merry!


[Embarrassed] ooops, snuck in there ahead of me didja bouche? get out of my brain!


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We're headed to Suisha Gardens to chow down on the fishes at 7:30 or so! I find the food is pretty good, the prices are great and the staff are really friendly. Plus it's central and I can park for free at my office and walk there! You want to join us Brad (and anyone else)?

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Guest Low Roller

I'm sure you guys will do fine. Just bring it!!

It's weird that the link doesn't work. I tried and it worked fine, but maybe that's just because that page is already cached on my computer. Try going to gdlive.com, and searching the Jerry Garcia mp3s for that show.

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Hello all,

So I've checked out this band several times yet many years ago...i think they were called jerry's kids a while back and played at the old dominion..? anyhow do they still have the guitarist who sounds like jerry (vocally)? i'm sure it will be a great night..have fun,

stop, drop, and roll,... grateful style


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