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farewell stinkin' computers


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Well folks... it's been a long LONG 6 years here at the computer company. It started out as part time work, filing and organizing the office. Then one day my boss says, "If you can figure out how to make a website, and prove to me that you know what you're doing - i'll put you on full time as a designer" ...so, I read some books and taught myself the ways of HTML. *POOF!* I was suddenly a web designer - doing sites for BORING corporate companies that gave me absolutely NO creative leeway. Then my boss decided that there just wasn't enough design work to do, so i've been stuck working on computers - building them, loading them, fixing them (and sometimes PUNCHING them) I hate it... absolutely HATE it. Too cut n' dry for the likes of my mind. 6 years have passed and I'm still doing a job that I never really chose to do, always responding to the question, "Do you like your job?" with "It's good for now" So.. i'm taking the plunge - starting next week, I will no longer be working here at NACNS. It's kinda scary, but i'm excited!

I would still like to do some site design on the side - so if you hear of anyone in need of a website, let them know I give reasonable deals and will work my ass off for them!

(sigh) - No more of these "for now" jobs! Man, i feel good. SOOOOOOOO good!

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OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hahahahahhahahahhaha, GO MIR!!! that's freakin' awesome! i'm so happy for you, and i'm so proud of you, and WOW!!!! i know how much you've been hatin' on that place lately, so this is just freakin' awesome. you must feel like you could absolutely fly right now, with that million pound weight off your shoulders. whoohoooo!!!!!!

AND PEOPLE, LISTEN UP! no word of a lie, if you need any webwork done, this is your girl!!!!! LittlemissPink is by far one of the most creative souls i've ever met in my life, and that girl has talent. you like her homepage www.littlemisspink.ca? goregous, impressive, creative, yes, it sure is (she even drew that "M" girl you see on the main page once you enter). well, let me tell you, that is nothing compared to some of the stuff she can do. i've had the honour of her sending me drafts of different pages she's done for input, and holy sh!t, each and every time i am totally blown away. you will NOT find a better webdesigner around. and for what web companies charge you for the time it takes to make a site, you'd be saving yourself an absolute FORTUNE going through LittlemissPink -- AND, you'd get a webpage a bajillion times better anyway.

oh pink, i am so, so, so, so, soooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!


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oh sweet freedom is upon you. liberation is one of the best highs around so it is great that you are enjoying it. cheers to the courage it takes to leave security and find out what is truly right for you. with that intelligence and panache you will no doubt make a creative impact wherever you go.

damn the man and fight the power! right on.

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no nero/contact for me tonight guys... although, i would love to go! It's going to be a GREAT night of music! Thanks for the kind words. *kisses*

and bokonon... thanks so much! Looks like that conversation we were having last friday is finally becoming a reality. We should hook up for a sandwich one of these days!

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LMP I was just talking about you with Bouche this morning. Wondering where you've been, how you're doing and talking about how talented you are.

Congrats on a brave decision and best of luck!

thanks Ms. Hux! My boss banned me from jambands a couple months back, (and NO, that's not the REAL reason why i'm quitting... ha ha!) so i have been pretty far out of touch.

It's good to be back on board though... that's for sure!!

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Miranda (aka LMP or LittlemissPink),

All the best to you as you head out on this quest to find work that doesn't feel so much like work.

You are an intelligent, creative person with a solid work ethic, so I am convinced that you will find something that you like doing much more than what you are currently doing, and that you will be financially successful doing it.

Good luck my friend, I look forward to seeing where this adventure takes you.

Peace, Mark

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I will be selling fantasia products! heehee. What are fantasia products? Well they are sensual products, lingerie and adult toys to help spice up your love life! mmm.. they're awesome!

If you book a party, I will come to your house with all my fun toys, lingerie, oils and lotions and give you a little presentation of what we supply. If you like what you see, you can purchase it (in a private vending room of course) and take it all home with you!

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