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QOTD 1/21/05-The Little Things


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What are some "little" things that make you happy?

I find joy in so many little things, making a conscious effort to revel a little bit each and every day...

I love frolicking and throwing snowballs.

I love doing the crossword puzzle on Sundays.

I love office supplies (my Grand & Toy order just arrived, which is what inspired this thread)--I don't understand why I love them so, I just do. :)

Yay! Let's celebrate the little things!

What are some of your favourite "little things"?


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I love sleeping in on saturdays or if up before everyone else, those couple of quiet hours where you can sit and have a coffee and read.

Grum's MESSY hair when he wakes up.

The smell of fresh clean laundry.

and...the minutes when you hear a song and it triggers a memory of another time in your life.

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1. Telling Katie terrible jokes and getting a bit of a laugh

2. Walking around naked on a Saturday. Big up Paan...there's nothing as great as nudity

3. Beer. Even just one beer is great

4. Coming home and having our cat run to the door, meow a few times and then flop down on the floor. I can carry on a conversation with him about anything (this morning: Maher Arar) and he replies with meow and purrs like he completely agrees.

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the way ricky's skin smells. (he doesn't wear anything scented)

*when my rabbit does his super excited happy jump

*the way the sun comes in my living room in the morning

*good hot sauce

*talkative coworkers

*when browntown people come to kitchener

*when my neice gives my sister a dirty look for talking to her in baby talk (it's so funny!)

*the smell of books

*watching snow fall and listening to it crunch under my feet

*finding tasty strawberries and cherries in the winter


*learning new things and really understanding them

*having my whole perception of something change because of an experience or a new perspective from someone else.

*laying in the sun and not getting burned


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- anything activity with my 'little' lady, mostly hanging out, being silly

- eating gourmet pizza

- Sriracha, D and D - GOLD

- walking around my apartment with my cat on my shoulder (he loves this, and the purring against my head feels nice)

- sharing a smile with a stranger when both noticing something weird

- cleaning house with loud music playing

- chillin with homies.

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1. logging on here and seeing all you fine folks are doing the same as me.

2. pulling into our driveway each day after work with my sweetheart

3. taco night

4. playing the guitar I got for my birthday

5. seeing the little mail icon at the bottom right of my screen and it's an email from ms.hux

6. crackers, really old cheddar, Brother Bru Bru's and a glass of wine.


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those mornings when i get to wake up on my terms.

that first coffee to start the day.

looking through old photographs and finding that one that brings back such a great memory.

hearing something in a song that does the same thing.

im gonna steal gentlemonkey's sharing a smile with a stranger while both noticing something weird. i fu©kin love that sh!t.

eavesdropping on the bus.

engaging in coversation on the bus.

everything about riding the train.

those small personal moments that take place during awesome larger gatherings.

getting baked and reading a good book.

the atmosphere in the market.

the smell of sauna.

being in the woods, in a canoe, in a tent, on a rock face, around a campfire, etc....

and the fact that i got to see my favourite baseball team win the world series at least once in my lifetime, knowing full well that its not likely to ever happen again.

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Breakfast!! (just finished a monster one..freshly sliced peameal bacon, my special spuds which are second to none, eggs and some Bavarian toast.)

The best nights sleep. (this usually happens when it is reasonably temperate outside, accompanied by a huge dampening snow fall)

Breaking the conversational ice with relative strangers, in a weird and funny way.

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*getting lost in the music (whether I'm playing, just listening or givin'er)

*the way the sun finds it's way through the branches of a tree

*falling asleep in the park on a warm afternoon

*leaving the city and being reminded of just how many stars there are in the sky (I can never stop staring)

*a good pair of loving arms wrapped around me to keep me safe and content

*the amazingly fantastic people I live with (who've been there for me through so much)

*that realization that comes out of the blue every now and again that life is just so wonderful

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Dusk.....its all about dusk to me. Doing ANYTHING at dusk seems more magical...thank god this blue ball spins and brings me dusk lighting every freakin day. Awe inspiring, infallible.

I may not even deserve it but I get it either way. Beautifull, beautifull, dusk.

Love the phree, simple, stuff. :)

Lots of other stuff too.

I love the little things.. :: :)

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