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Drunk sh!t...


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lately I have not been able to sleep in. drunk or not. Today, I awoke at about 7:15 and finally gave in at 7:50 and got up.

I had one helluva long drinkin' day yesterday (thanks to one of those going away parties) and I guess I managed to not get too super blotto cause I feel pretty good ;) Mind you, I wasn't up until popoweenie's 4 AM call. If I was up until 4AM, I assure you, I'd be asleep still.

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Any suggestions??? :crazy:

Thank your lucky stars you don't suffer from what happens to me from time to time: I wake up convinced I'm still at whatever I was at the night before*. And given that my nights-before usually involve recording bands at clubs, I spend a few frantic minutes searching the bedroom for the mic stand I know must be there somewhere...



* This morning, for example, I woke up about 7:30am, and wondered why the band had played so long that it was now daylight...

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