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Who likes Dr. Hook?

The Chameleon

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Are there any other fans of the band Dr.Hook on ti sboard?

I am really into these dudes recently. Everyone knows their biggest hit "Cover of the Rolling Stone",

but I am really getting into their late 70's output when they went more disco and ballads, with tracks like "Sexy Eyes" and "Sharing the night together". So groovy and cheesy all at the same time.

Cool grooves and very funny if you see the videos...

There can only be one Dr. Hook and the Medicine show....


Sexy Eyes live video

Even better the current verison of Dr.Hook (which is really just Ray Sawyers' band) is playing a little bar in Brantford called Jack Hammer's on April 7th. I might just have to go and get loopy..

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I really dig Dr. Hook. I've seen (some version of) that band several times, and it's always fun. I probably haven't seen them in ten years, though.

I say go for sure, if you're at all inclined. You'll have fun.

If I'm not mistaken, there is a story about those guys bursting into the office of the Editor of Rolling Stone and playing their (soon to be) hit song. When they finished, the Editor picked up his phone and cancelled the upcoming cover, to put The Medicine Show on there in its place.

(I have no idea whether or not that story is true.)

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The band's second single, "Cover of the Rolling Stone" from "Sloppy Seconds" attracted the attention of those who would appreciate their irreverent attitude and stage show. It also got the band on the cover of Rolling Stone - a caricature rather than a photograph. In the United Kingdom the BBC Radio network refused to play "Cover of the Rolling Stone," as it was considered advertising a trademark name, which was against the BBC's policy. The song was rereleased with a host of BBC DJs shouting 'On the cover of the Radio Times!' over the band's vocals in the choruses (you can still hear the fellas back there, singing the original words). The song was released as "Cover of the Radio Times" for the UK market. The BBC found no problem in playing the record, since they published the Radio Times, weekly. The single found real cult status after that.


I saw them last time through Ottawa and it was a great night. Lots of cheeze-factor, but some great tunes as well.

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I saw them in Antigonish in 2003 - it was a really weird show.. it was like a Gun's and Roses' concert, everyone is there waiting for something to happen for about an hour, then he goes on and does a 50 min set.

The best part of the set was when he did a rant about a new song he had written... it was about magic mushrooms... he just went off on this tangent and i really thought it was lost on the audience who were all about 40+.. I liked it.

I don't remember if he did end up playing Rollin' Stone, but i do remember thinking that it was a waste of dough... dude is way past his prime.

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I don't really know much about Dr. Hook, beyond the popular tunes. However I'll add a couple of cents...

The dude who wrote most of their songs, was also popular children's poet, Shell Silverstein (where the sidewalks ends). Some of his lyrics are pretty twisted, he also wrote "Boy Named Sue", and a sequel that will downright make you shudder. While I don't know many Dr. Hook lyrics, their writer certainly has an interesting resume...

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(Written by Shel Silverstein)

Intro by Shel Silverstein

OK, now, years ago, I wrote a song called "A Boy Named Sue", And,

that was OK and everything except, then I started to think about it,

and I thought, It is unfair. I am, I am looking at the whole thing

from the poor kid's point of view. And as I get more older and more

fatherly, I begin to look at things from old men's point of view.

So, I decided to give the old man equal time. OK, here we go...

Yeah, I left home when the kid was three

And it sure felt good to be fancy free

Though I knew it wasn't quite the the fatherly thing to do

But that kid kept screaming and throwing up

And pissing in his pants till I had enough

So just for revenge I went and named him Sue


It was Gatlinburg in mid July

I was gettin drunk but gettin by

Gettin old and going from bad to worse

When through the door with an awful scream

Comes the ugliest queen I've ever seen

He says, "My name is Sue, how do you do?"

Then he hits me with his purse

Now this ain't the way he tells the tell

But he scratched my face with his fingernails

And Then he bit my thumb

And kicked me with his high heel shoe

So I hit him in the nose and he started to cry

And he threw some perfume in my eye

And it sure ain't easy fightin an old boy named Sue

So I hit him in the head with a cane back chair

And he screamed, "Hey dad, you mussed my hair!"

And he hit me in the navel and knocked out a piece of my lint

He was spittin blood, I was spittin teeth

And we crashed through the wall and out into the street

Kickin and gouging in the mud and the blood and the creme de menthe

Then out of his garter he pulls a gun

I'm about to get shot by my very own son

He's screaming about Sigmund Freud and looking grim - woo

So I though fast and I told him some stuff

How I named him Sue just to make him tough

And I guess he bought it cause now I'm living with him

Yea he cooks and sews and cleans up the place

He cuts my hair and shaves my face

And irons my shirts better than a daughter could do

And on the nights that I can't score

Well, I can't tell you any more

But it sure is a joy to have a boy named Sue

Yeah a son is fun but it's a joy to have a boy named Sue!

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Sharing the night together always makes me a little misty....

Sharingthe night together

I am so going to Brantford!

my soul do go you will sure enjoy yourself as it is non stop music and roaring ha ha down here anyway a heck of a good night i'd go again and again

they are all good heads to party with while performing very dedicated to their fans

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