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Toots & the Maytals tonight!!


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i'm on the fence but leaning towards not going.

i've seen Toots a few times and IMO his shows are pretty freakin' cheese! I love his music but live it becomes irritating.

However, good friends are coming in from out of town for the show and I rarely get to see them, so...

Too bad it's $30..not really worth it.

Stephen Marley w/ Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley and K'naan are coming up soon (also at The Phoenix) and it's $25

Now THAT I would have a good time at!

Enjoy though folks...reggae shows are the best :thumbup:

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Good times last night! Although I'm not sure if it was because of the music or the fact that there was ten rowdy Hammertown bitches in attendance. The John Denver cover was kick ass! Thanks funkyb for yelling at that sketchy scalper and getting my money back.....you're my hero!

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I too had a good night last night. Always enjoy a night on the town with the lovely ladies. As for the show itself, I enjoyed it, but was slightly underwhelmed at times. I think that my sporadic moments of disapointment were less directly related to the band’s performance itself, and more to do with the general vibe/ambiance of the crowd/venue. Not sure how to exactly describe my sentiments, as the crowd was definitely lively and enthusiastic, so on the surface of things I shouldn't complain. But it was extremely crowded and very whitewashed. Let’s just say I was expecting a more culturally diverse crowd, which was definitely not the case. I love to move to Reggae music, and it often moves me "spiritually" (for lack of a better word) and because it was so hot and crowded (and even a little smelly) it was hard to get into the “modeâ€. I think it is safe to say I prefer to listen to a reggae show outside, where the vibes are not hindered and one can dance freely (unless it’s a good ol’ raunchy dance-hall vibe, in which case a crowded club suits me just fine). But this was not the case last night.

A lot of the tunes were more bluesy and poppy than what I would have originally anticipated. Not that this is inhererently a bad thing, just not what I had expected. This was my first time seeing Toots live. There were two prior occasions where I had tickets to their show, but those occasions were not mean to be due to circumstances beyond my control.

By far, Toot's vocal performance is what impressed me the most. His voice is incredible. Fairly raw, beautiful range, and tone, rhythmically pleasing and highly energetic. He exudes a degree of kindness and genuine desire to connect with his audience. I don’t know his age, but for someone who has been around since atleast the early sixties, his enthusiasm was clearly infectious for the crowd, and never waned from start to finish. They played all of their hits, and I was reminded how many familiar and instrumental orginals they had.

Low light was definitely the "I Ain’t Missing You at All" cover. Not sure what the hell that was all about, or why on earth that particular song would be chosen as a cover, but it certainly fulfilled the cheese factor that Cowboy was likely referring to. To be fair this song was performed at the beginning of their set by one of his back-up female vocalists before Toots even made it to the stage... but still I was happy to hear that particular song come to an end.

All in all I had a great night, and would certainly go see Toots again. However I would prefer it to be at an outdoor venue I think. Something about the sun shining and having room to move just makes the whole experience much less contrived.

As an aside, the opening band was Toubab Krewe. They were quite "interesting" and it was my first time seeing them as well. A fairly young looking band from North Carolina I believe. They played recently at Langarado. Anyhow, it was completely instrumental, with one of the musicians playing a variety of different African instruments. One being the cora (sp?) and another stringed instrument of which I was not familiar with. Pretty cool sound, although a little redundant at times. Their percussive section was also impressive. Their bass player was interesting to watch too, because he kind of moved/danced all smooth-like, almost like a reggae musician, but looked a little like Patterson from Drive By Truckers (interesting combo to say the least).

Anyhow, that's my take.

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Sara...i agree with U too. I felt a bit underwhelmed and yes it was a bit cheesy at times. I almost liked the opener better!

Me and Evans talked to that bass player for abit after and he was super nice :D

I still had a great time.. I wish there was a little more space.

The crowd made me laugh with the rowdyness and it was an interesting group of people :D

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I agree with THE EDGE!

Toots talked way too much. His song selection was very chill at time. He did bust out all the hits and his daughters are fantastic.

I got yelled at by an old lady to stop dancing, total buzz kill! I was super annoyed and couldn't believe that someone asked me to stop in mid groove at a reggae show!

It defiently made the difference that I was with such good good people!

Toots Rock Reggae!

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I agree with Edge and Sarahbelle, I saw Toots at Langerado and really enjoyed the set, but last night was a little cheesy at times. There were also some sound issues that were annoying and should have been figured out early on but weren't. I had a great time with all the ladies from Dundas/Hammerton, thanks again for a great birthday weekend.

Look out Wassink, you're next!!

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Agree with all of the above...

I definetly dug the opener more than the Toots set. 'Twas a bit too loud though.

Holy fuck that cover song by the female vocalist was so so so bad...I definetely ain't missin' that at all!

However, how can you possibly have a bad time when you're with so many cool Sara(h)'s?? Oh yah, and a sexy Alison, a dance mama Rachel and a friggin crazy-cool Amy!

Thanks for the good nite ladies!

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Well, these reviews have been helpful. I've almost seen Toots a few times, but I've only heard poor reviews of his shows over the last few years, so for one reason or another I've skipped him every time I had a chance to see him.

I'm going to see him outside at the base of the mountain in Whistler next month, though. It sounds like it should be good enough, but I shouldn't expect to have my snowboard boots blown off.

Thanks for taking the time to write down your thoughts, guys.

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Hey SM,

The base of a mountain sounds like a great place to take in a live show. I believe the Greyboy Allstars might be opening for that leg of Toot's tour? If that's the case, you should be in for a treat!

Either way I am sure that you will be glad to amidst the mountains once again!

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