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Olives....love 'em!


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Holy shit, I can't get enough of olives lately. A local market has an olive bar with a huge variety of olives....many stuffed with things such as roasted pepper, sun dried tomato, garlic, CASHEWS!, jalapeno, spice blend, manchego cheese, blue cheese (a few kinds), feta, smoked dubliner cheese, turkish lemon, pesto, anchovy, and the list goes on and on and on.

Best olive you've had?

Any ideas for these little flavour bombs?

I can't help to think of them as part of a tapas type sampler plate with awesome sausage, grainy mustard, pickled onions, some sort of cured ham and a crusty bread.


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I'm with you on the olive call. I really love olives. Pizza and hot dogs just aren't the same without them.

My favorite eat alone olives are stuffed with garlic or almonds.

And here's a real treat. Green olives and oranges. I know, I didn't think it would work but it's unbelievable. Try that combo in a salad or as a salsa over salmon.

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I love em too.

My Favs are from Mama Theresa's here in Ottawa. I haven't been there in a very long time, but they have some soaking with garlic and oil, serve with bread. The olives look like they've been dried.

I think that I might have to stop in there soon to see if I can buy some.

I've been loving black olives on sandwiches lately.

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the garlic stuffed olives are food from the goddesses... soooo very yum. We have them at our family functions and they dissappear very very quickly.

Olives on kraft dinner are awesome, as well as in grilled cheese ;)

I really do not like the canned black olives.. YUCK. and I definatly prefer green ones to the black.

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LOVE olives. green are the best.

i love in spain and portugal how you get tasty olives with every meal...mmmm.

i could eat a whole jar of garlic stuffed if i'm not careful. the trader joe's ones are the best!! i find other brands have the garlic too crunchy...any recommendations on brands here? :)

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love 'em, but since spending a lot of time in spain I've been consistently disappointed in all other olives. The garlic stuffed olives in Andalucia are by far the best I've ever had.

Heather I agree, the ones here have crunchy garlic that just doesn't measure up.

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