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I got miracled today (not concert ticket related)


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So this evening on my way home from a 14 hour day at school, the last day of the semester, I got a little absent minded... I left my bag on the subway train.

In the bag were a number of priceless and expensive items including 16 pages of negatives and prints from the last 4 month's, as well as my mac book pro with the last 6 month's worth of work, audio production, video production, downloaded tv shows, etc...

I didn't notice until I almost left the station at Eglinton... and almost completely lost my shit.

I ended up taking the subway all the way to finch having no idea what the fate of my belongings were, and almost cried... I admit it!

When I get to finch I found out that my bag had been brought to the Supervisors office at Eglinton station and was safely awaiting my arrival to take it home.

I have no idea whom the stranger is who rescued my bag, other than she was a mother with 2 young children.

Well to that mother of two young children.... THANK YOU... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.

Just thought I'd take a moment to share the little miracle I had today...

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Any of us woulda done the same, right?


I found a laptop and cellphone in a bag on a city bus about two months ago. I turned the phone on and hit redial, ended up calling the boyfriend of the girl who lost the stuff. They met me about an hour later at my house.

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