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Guns n' Roses/Motley Crue

mister slippery

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I've entered every contest out there, trying not to spend too much money right now, and especially for a very unproven GNR, but have had no luck.

No, they are not playing together, if my thread title might be unclear.

My question is this? Anyone have access to cheap/free tix for either of these? Seems to me there were tix won by some folks here through SCENE, and I wondered if somebody won, but wasn't gonna use em. I will buy em off you.

Otherwise, I'll check stubhub as they approach, just thought I'd see if this might turn anything up.

Thanks in advance, you wonderful people.

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I got the email from Scene a couple days ago saying I won tix for GnR in Hamilton. A buddy and myself are using them though, if I hear of anyone else not using them I'll diret em your way.

Oooh, so the emails are still coming?

Thanks, Esau, that's the kind of news I was hoping for.

Not to ignore you ollie, but I dunno how the shows have been. Somebody said that there were shows in Japan (i think) which were 3plus hours in length, but i know little.

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Last time they played Ottawa they didn't start until something like 3 hours after schedule.

Did you go to that?

Nope. Co-worker told me about it the next day and it sounded like the shittiest time ever. Concession service had been long shutdown before they hit the stage.

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If it wasnt for the late start, what was your reason for not going last time?

I don't really remember, might have had something to do with Axl's already established pattern of blowing off shows. Plus it was before Chinese Democracy came out which I actually like and would be my main impetus for going to see them live now.

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Set List for lat show in Dec in Japan...

I don`t see how they can be starting all that late if they`re playing this many songs. Looks like tonight is the first Canadian gig in Winnipeg though, so hopefully that will give us an idea of how stable Axel is after his christmas break. Oh, and if you click on "14. DJ Ashba Guitar Solo" you get youtube footage of their new guitarist, and he seems aaight I guess. Little too much of a Slash wannabe though.

I still would like to go to the show in halifax. Last time they came through Toronto I went to Primus instead and it turns out I could have made both shows as GNR didn`t go on stage untill after 11:00 as well (or so I heard).

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Thanks, that was a good review. Im bored by the set list though, and re-thinking my desire to go to the show. There's not one song that isn't incredibly safe in the whole thing (aside form the democracy tracks). Would it kill them to throw in a Dust n Bones or Bad Obsession?

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