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***Benevento & Russo The Duo Canadian Dates***


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Benevento & Russo The Duo

Come To Canadian

Hot off the heels for a explosives set at moe.down, The duo will be heading to Canada for 2 dates.



The Duo

Friday Dec 3rd

Pepper Jack's

38 King William st

Hamilton Ont.

The Duo

Saturday Dec 4th



464 Spadina Ave.

Toronto Ont

more info at www.ufproductions.com soon!!!

Imagine this: two very talented musicians who haven’t seen each other or played with each other since eighth grade, meeting up and reacquainting in the mother of all cities, NYC. And imagine their first gig as a duo being of all things a birthday tribute for Madonna! Growing up in New Jersey, Marco Benevento & Joe Russo used to each play in the Jazz Band at their middle school. They even once played together in Russo’s basement. Ah, the beginnings of greatness.


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My only question: will Mike Gordon be with them? Apparently some of the kids that went to moe.Down this year heard Gordon was doing an entire tour with the Duo, under the name GRaB Trio... If Gordon's gonna be there, this might become the best show played in Canada this year... (Yes, even better than The Slip...).

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Wowzie wow wow ... time to add these to my calendar ... when I saw the duo last year (without Mike Gordon, but with other guests) I enjoyed them more than when I saw MMW ... seriously ... these guys are the sh*t! But it was a late night set at a festival (the duo) as opposed to a security-filled venue with not-so-great sound (MMW).

Peace, Mark

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I'm not flip flopping... The Slip are still my boys... I'm just saying that a GRaB Trio show would be sick, keeping in mind that The Slip isn't going to try to compact three nights of music into one (as is the case with the 05-27 Montreal show, due to the Shaker's cancellation). Do you really think that Montreal show would have been half as good if The Slip had to play to us for two more nights? Brad Barr told me that night that they made that show "special", due to the Shaker being cancelled... We have three confirmed nights of The Slip this fall, and while I'm sure they'll all be sick, I don't expect to have another Montreal-like experience at any of them... GRaB would be cool for several reasons, not the least of which is Gordo's return to Canada... GRaB and/or The Duo will never be on the same level as The Slip, but I think those shows would be up there among the best shows of the year...

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