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popo weenie

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i want to share some very happy news

my daughter beth that is in ramstein germany with the canadian army is getting married in may to a nice irish man and moving to ireland to live i am so happy to receive such good news

she will be livinf in kilcormac

this is such s good site to announce her wedding and new life

god bless her and steve

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all the best to Beth and Steve!

my god this means so mush to me your nice comentents

beth will see it all tomorrow at work as i gave her mikes webb site he is a sweet heart for sure

she is also\

i am so happy she is retireing a lot less stress for me also hard to say but it is hard to see your daughter in the military these days

and i am having an odd beer to her good news like 1 3 5 7 ha ha no coolers s please be happy for me

i am so blessed with 3 children alone

love em all

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Congratulations to Beth and Steve!

I am shedding tears of joy for both of you.

I wish you all the best of HAppiness!

Congratulations also to Popo Weenie for gaining a son-in-law!

thanks there ole pal i am shedding a lot of tears also

hate to say it but i really deserve good news especially where beth is concerned she is my rock

thanks for being so understanding with me

love you

see you soon

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