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Bluesfest conflicts....!!!!


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For those who have seen the Hip sometime in the last decade and thought they sucked live: They no longer suck live.

yup listned to their soundcheck this afternoon from my balcony. didn't sound half bad, still think taj will be the better ticket!!!

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ZPZ vs. Steely Dan vs. Richard Thompson is pretty definitive proof that God hates me. That and while Ray Davies and Metric are happening, I will be at Great Big Sea because that is where my high school reunion will be going :/

I thought you hated high school. Go see Ray Davies!!

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I'll help you guys (as you helped me for Bonnaroo conflict)..

Steely Dan vs. Six Shooters vs. Zappa plays Zappa vs. Richard Thompson


Black Crowes Vs. Sean Kuti and Egypt 80!

-- SEUN KUTI (last week at Harbourfront was amazing)

Taj Mahal vs. The Hip


Fergie vs. Franti vs. Tokyo Police Club

-- TPC

Primus vs The Wailers vs Widespread

-- PRIMUS. This one was more difficult.

The Creaking Tree String Quartet, and Jan Purcell & Pine Road

--- CTSQ.

That was easy! Any more?

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