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Good vibes at 3:00 today please!!


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Thanks dudes!

Is the next Frontier the end of August long weekend (whatever it's called?)

I'm 100% IN IN IN. I've been slacking on the shows/festivals this summer (there's a few reasons) but I need some Frontier, f*ck, I need some Frontier....

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so huxy, how do i know you will be using these vibes for good and not martin, i mean evil? ;) hahahaha.

ah, you're a prize, so you get vibes regardless

((((((((((happy huxy)))))))))

and a big old YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! to you coming to CTMF! right on, brotha!!!!! (pssst, meggo, finish your first day of school plans up early & hitch a ride in the huxmobile!)

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