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my (hilarious) coventry story...

safety 4th

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i just sent this to bouche and he immediately hosted the picture and made me post it...

We just happened to procure a 20 litre bucket of strub's pickles from the toronto beer festival and on saturday my friend Gabe was selling them in the lot hollowed out and filled with vodka...pickle shots for $1.00...it was more of a joke than anything, but people were buying them.

So as Saturday afternoon goes on, we get all drunk and we start being stupid and hilarious (at least to ourselves). Eventually, we decide that you can throw a pickle at me for $1.00. So my buddy Lowell pays me a dollar, gathers about 20 bystanders, makes me bend over the back of the motorhome like a cop's going to search me, and nails me in the back with the pickle. You should have heard the crowd gasp when it hit. I had a huge welt on my back too, but I was laughing so hard, I felt absolutely no pain.

So then i'm on top of the rv drinking with some of the guys and it turns into "Knock me off the roof with a pickle for a dollar". So we're yelling this at passers by for a while, geting them to buy pickle shots and showing them the welt on my back and just being generally hilarious and belligerent. Then an old family friend comes along and pays a dollar (which i never got) to throw a pickle at me on the roof. When i got off the roof, his buddy showed me this picture. I cannot believe he got this. Absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Best photographer EVER!


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we didn't mean to waste them, but when you've got

5 guys,

a 29 foot motorhome...

11 cases of beer...

40 bottles of red bull...

5 assorted 40's of vodka and jager...

and a 20 litre bucket of pickles...

we cannot be help responsible for what happens to the pickles

(do i need to mention that we went through almost all the vodka / red bull that afternoon?)

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It looks so much funnier on the big screen than on the camera. You were a trooper to take that huge pickle. Andrew's got a hell of an arm. Right after you got hit with that one, my buddy charlie tossed another one at you when you weren't expecting it. It barely missed you and sailed off into the lot. Wherever it came down, I'm sure it caused some havoc...those were awefully big pickles!

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