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Welcome Meggo!


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hahahah... it is GREAT to be here!!! so far ottawa has been darn near perfect... people i have to deal with in the setting-up adventures have all been friendly, the dudes who are renovating the building i'm in are nice and chatty*, and i have already been able to suck brews with many of the ottawa folks! life is good.

i don't have all the ottawa emails so if anyone happens to read this...

phone - 230-0934 (just got phone & internet today, happy happy)

keepin it weird at - 484 gilmour (corner of gilmour and kent) apartment two. when they say "cosy" in real estate ads, they mean "small as hell." heheh... it's a cute little pad.

the ottawa thing is gonna be great. ::

*there was also a quality ass crack moment today. golden.

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hahahah... i'll keep that in mind. guigsy i know you scored the pimpin-est, pimp-daddy, mac-a-doodle-doo pad, but man... if you are still thinkin of moving here you are going to love love love it. i'm sure. it is just lovely. i got lost last night (you know me) and went for this long cruise down the canal... well, on the road beside the canal... beautiful.

and princess - guess what i got in the mail this morning bright and early!! it made my day, thank you, you are a star. know what the first thing i got in the mail was? an envelope that said "looking for love in all the wrong places?". jeez!! the nerve...

are you coming to the jammy bashy tonight sunshine? hope so!


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