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howdy Sugar Megs and fellow Skanks, Spudly Dudley - west coast lurker extraordinaire here.....

I can only speak for myself, but my voyeuristic nature on this board is partially based both in fear........and I must confess some loathing (of sorts).

Fear that is borne from an over-all general shyness (the #1 cause of lurking) which is highly exacerbated by the ever watchful, ever - judgmental (and ever-rolling) eyes of "the Skank panel" (you know who you are). That, and for whatever cosmic reasons, my posts, however light hearted in nature, generally wind up being thread-killers that inspire vitual tumble weeds. I know many of my west coast bretheren have attempted to post here and have been met with the same silence. No, I'm not talking about the Uni-baller, or Deke "the Kung slayer".....just good average honest westie folk wanting to share an opinion or two on music with other music fans....

The loathing I speak of is of certain elements of this board that seem to be largely supported for the most part. I for one largely support the aggitation of fecal matter (stirring of sh!t) - understanding that it is necessary both for the development of ideas, to provoke thought and to facilitate the questioning of one's own beliefs......but some of the sh!t that I see talked about and supported on here is counter culture and based in hate, IMHO. I lurk in horror at the "dishing the dirt" threads that seem to be more than tolerated here. Am I the only one who see's something fundamentally wrong with this? That sh!t is HURTIN! What kind of music fan supports that? And I'm not the biggest SCI fan there is, but the bashing that takes place isn't even entertaining in the slightest anymore. It always originates from the same place and the reasons for it are painfully transparent and have nothing to do with their music and scene (just one injured person's ego). It's very old and very very stale.

I'm not the biggest Bus fan (not my bag), the Slip is not GOD to me (though I do like them), the Fatties are OK (a well seasoned top notch bar band), I am patriotic but do not support the term "CanJam" (reason's for which are a complete rant of its own - I'm just glad it's not used with the same frequency that it used to be), I "Give'r", but I just do it "west coast style" (same as your give'r, just done with better weed)....and I don't live in or get to visit O-town, brown town, K-dub, etc etc....though they all sound like wonderful places with great up and coming local bands and healthy scenes full of wonderful eclectic groups of people, the good the bad, and the ugly, both hip and dysfunctional, ....it all sounds alot like home to me (cept we got better weed).

Maybe the Skank is a tad Ontario-centric? (I'm personally a Montrealer (west island, Pierrefonds), far enough removed that je ne pense plus en francais, seulement en anglais, cris estie de colis de sainsi boire du tabarnac dis donc pierre et helene vont au discotheque)...That's all fine, I guess....there is a forum for East, Central and West, with some cross pollination going on for those brave chameleons. Maybe one day we will be unite and be as one....

For the sake of humor, fun,....and love...


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counter culture and based in hate, IMHO. I lurk in horror at the "dishing the dirt" threads that seem to be more than tolerated here. Am I the only one who see's something fundamentally wrong with this? That sh!t is HURTIN! What kind of music fan supports that?

that's the truth! it's frustrating to read about your self or someone you know or some thing you like' writen in a hateful dishonest light. why can't it be about the love.

can i get some of your weed?

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Spudly is the shiznit!

true... The east and west are like parallel universes when it comes to this style of music we generally all enjoy. Even the bands have bizarro counterparts like The Slip is the east version of STS9 etc.. Maybe Upstream's new message board will become the bizarro-west version of jambands.ca ?

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hey spudly, i can dig what you're sayin, man..

but just a thought as i read your little bit there... it seems like its more of a relation thing... most of the stuff posted is ontario related, and centers around bands from eastern part of canada, and this scene around here, the cities the up and comers, etc etc... and i guess my thought is, well, if there are more of you westies out there lurking, why dont we ever see you guys goin on about your scene over there? i'd find it hard to believe that im the only one who is at least curious about the scene over there, whats goin on, and your guys take on it all... i mean, the west coast forum is deadsville, and aside from the calgary trio, weezy and phishy k, we rarely hear from you folks... and i guess my other thought to tie in with that is that if more of you guys were communicating with each other, wouldnt the fear factor and the thread killing paranoia go away? i dunno... more or less thinking out loud.

hope you're at least entertained once in a while. haha. cheers.

edit to add:

on the entertainment level, i know for sure of a couple close friends of mine who read this board regularly just for pure entertainment... if they werent such hardcore lurkers im sure they'd say "thanks zero!"

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even if you are a member you can change your preferences so that you show up as anonymous and also not have whatever thread you are looking at show up. my preferences are set that way. i don't really know why i did it, since i post in almost every thread that i read anyways, i just don't see a point in changing it back. call me lazy, i don't care.

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How long did you think this would go on before I chimed in? Maybe this should be handled on a point by point basis.

1. Deke is most definitely not the kung slayer. If any of you had a futher grasp on the use of irony and just the english language in general you would know that I take the stuffing out of myself all the time. And since you westies are generally too pussy to put your two cents in I have to slam myself. Besides you're not very good at it. You all think you understand my motivations for my intense cheese hatred but can't accept the true reason. A hatred of Philistines ( philistinism- An attitude of smug ignorance and conventionalism, especially toward artistic and cultural values). See I can come around to your perspective that yes my ego was bruised by that whole affair (not too mention my wallet!). You cannot however come around to my perspective that the Cheese is music for self-congratulatory, masturbatory over affluent tools (For the most part). Have any of you for instance even considered that almost the entire cheese fanbase come from middle class or upper middle class backgrounds and that the vast majority of Canadians could never afford the opportunity to travel with a band to another city let alone a string of cities. Try and stretch a little and consider that even my hatred for Deke (who I don't even really hate much anymore) is not enough motivation to dig deep and come up with this stuff.

2. My second point would be that you lurk here because you really have nothing to contribute or are underconfident in what you might contribute. So instead you milk me for your titillation and amusement all the while keeping me at a safe distance and dismissing my arguments. Yet you see no conflict or paradox inherent in this voyeuristic stance.

3. Furthermore bands need thoughtful reflective fans and writers to build their profiles. Big Friendly seems not to have learned this point at tour manager academy. The difference between a regional jamband and a national or international phenomena is often profile. Another big fu©k you Friendly.

4. As for the dishing the dirt sh!t who fu©king cares? The fact that even in a largely anonymous (in principle at least) forum people are too concerned about their own egos and status that they don't dare chime in. This is a much more likely scenario then a genuine concern for an artist's privacy. Who decided that if a band can play a thumping four four house jam that they are held above everyone else. Frank magazine outs politicians foibles and it is well needed. The daily papers are chock a block with titillating gossip and sightings and this is to say nothing of tabloids. Just look at the coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival for evidence in spades. It is natural to want to know more about the people you admire. It is even better to know that they are as genuine and kind people offstage as they are on (see the Slip). There are a slew of bands that seem to resent their hard earned fanbase and throw up barriers to them. People like Friendly are paid a daily wage to in part handle these people. It comes with the territory and of course they are going to want to limit access to people who can out them as unconcerned, arrogant, uncool or otherwise tooly. How any of this comes as a surprise to anyone is lost on me. I can imagine it is disappointing for some of you that even with your combined poisin pens you can't make a dent in my armour. The reality is that I take my armour off regularly and give myself a few good stabbings.

So bring on the vitriol.

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but I just do it "west coast style" (same as your give'r, just done with better weed)....

....it all sounds alot like home to me (cept we got better weed).

Maybe on average the weed is better out there, but the best weed I ever smoked was grown right here in south western Ontario.

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Whose got my Deisel??????

I once saw The Slip and STS9 play together in Detroit at St. Andrew's Hall. I was unentertained by both although my state of mind that night was not at all what it should have been. The 'Hall' was about 120 degrees that night too which made dancin' just dumb.

As far as the lurkers go, i just think that they either sit back, read and then criticize OR like MK, just have nothing to say ;)

Speak up fockers!

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High Spudly Dudley ::

I know what you mean about this place being Ontario-centric. especially with the toronto and ottawa posts that assume that you know it's their city they're talking about. I think it'd be great if you and other westcoasters get on here and start filling up the place with west coast talk. I felt at first when I was a lurker that the discussion was often too 'insider' for my liking (still do sometimes). i think the best approach is to ignore that aspect of it and get on here and use the board for it's intended purpose - discussion of music and everything that goes along with it. [that said, i do really like some of the off-topic and late night frunken rambling posts by some of these freakz... and sometimes i do (ab)use this board to get in touch with peeps or make inside jokes, but that is only with good intention - i have no desire to make anybody feel unwelcome here]

judging only from your post in this thread here, i'd say you're a valuable member of this community based on the thoughtfulness of your post. so, even though you aren't new, welcome :) i hope to see you posting more often.

i'm a west-coaster myself, in ontario these days by choice, and i have to agree with you... BC has got the diggedy dank ::


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philistinism - An attitude of smug ignorance and conventionalism, especially toward artistic and cultural values.

great word ahess6488!!

and yes, that's what I meant hamilton, thanks for clarifying...

and the best weed I ever smoked was actually in Ottawa. When I lived there many years ago, I once sent my room-mate out to buy me an oz. to take treeplanting w/ me. At the dealers house, he sampled 4 different kinds of weed over 6 hours or so. He came home fu©ked and gave me the bag he purchased for me. It looked like the shittiest bunk weed I had ever seen, but he insisted it was "crazy" and I should try some. It was indeed. Turns out it was bred specifically for chemotherapy patients and had a THC level that was ridiculous. I remember everyone at treeplanting being afraid of my weed after trying it once... it was incredibly strong sh!t. If sloth is reading this, he might remember it - it was Doyle who got it for me... haha

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