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Congratulations to Kitkat

Pablo Sanchez

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Thanks Dave :)

Big thanks to Bouche. It was pretty much a year ago that I talked to Bouche about doing a bit of writing and did my first Umphrey's interview. :)

So its really thanks to Bouche that I'm doing what I always dreamed of.

Oni's poetry (the cover story) is really awesome. She'll be slamm'n on Friday night at 7pm, there's snacks and a book signing. So perhaps a pre-slip stop?

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So perhaps a pre-slip stop?

Hell, yes!

oni_poster.jpg (2004)

Oni has been one of my fave Ottawa writers for a while now... she has read for us a couple times, including for our tenth anniversary reading, she has guest-hosted for us... and she set this up for Dusty Owl... oh yeah, and she'll be reading for us next month (next Dusty Owl after Pablo... small world or what).

She is an awesome person and she puts on an amazing show. See you all there!

Note to kitkat: Thanx for being another reason to read Xpress... okay, the best reason to read Xpress ;) . Great work!

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