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Huge ectasy bust.....

The Chameleon

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Accidental Find Leads Cops To One Of The Biggest Drug Busts In Toronto History

Monday March 12, 2007

It is, by any measurement, a staggering find.

Toronto Police have confirmed they've helped make one of the biggest Ecstasy busts in the city's history.

And it happened almost totally by accident.

The story began last Friday around 6pm, when observant undercover York Regional Police officers were in the McCowan and Steeles area on an unrelated matter.

They spotted three men allegedly trying to break into a house at 60 Penmarric Place.

When they hauled the trio into custody they noticed something about the home they were apparently trying to enter.

They called their Toronto Police counterparts, who secured the address until they could get a warrant.

What they found inside stunned everyone involved - at least 140,000 Ecstasy pills and 214 kilograms of MMDA, worth an estimated $21.4 million on the streets.

As if that wasn't enough, detectives also discovered what's called a cutting agent, which allows the drug makers to turn out even more pills using a kind of filler.

If that had been added, the entire haul could have been worth an unbelievable $40 million.

"This would be a significant dent in the supply for Toronto," comments Deputy Chief Tony Warr in something of an understatement.

And he notes that while that 'filler' may have added to the profits, it likely also added to the danger. "No idea what it's been cut with when you receive it on the street. It could be some poison."

But that wasn't the only find that disturbed authorities.

Two children - an eight-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy - were both living inside the house. The lab was in the basement.

They've been turned over to the Children's Aid Society and checked out in hospital as a precaution.

As if having the two kids there wasn't bad enough, there was evidence that whoever was making the pills was designing them specifically to appeal to young teens. They found pill presses ready to imprint pictures of popular cartoon characters on the Ecstasy.

"These drugs are widely available at school dances," reveals Det. Sgt. David Malcolm. "They're widely available at raves."

Cops are warning parents to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

"Any parent that finds their children in possession of these, it's not candy," advises York Regional Police Deputy Chief Bruce Herridge, whose force helped start the ball rolling. "And it can have a debilitating effect on the kids in the short term and on our communities in the long term."

Four Toronto men are facing a variety of charges, including producing a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

All four made their first court appearance at Old City Hall on Monday.

How to Spot An Ecstasy Lab In Your Neighbourhood

It goes on all the time behind closed doors. And those doors may be closer to your home than you think. No one who lived near the house where one of the biggest drug busts in history was made last week seemed to have any clue about what was going on inside.

Yet there are ways to spot an Ecstasy lab and the suspicious activity it causes. Here's what to look for:

-A strong smell of chemicals coming from the premises or the garage.

-Blackened or covered windows so no one can see inside.

-Tenants who appear to be overly secretive, keeping their distance from neighbours and frequently displaying paranoid or odd behaviour. They may suspiciously eye cars as they pass by the house. But there may also be visitors at unusual times, especially late at night.

-Smokers who are always going outside to have a cigarette. This could be hard to spot, since many people sensitive to tobacco's effects on their family now smoke outside. But in this case, health isn't the reason. It's to keep errant sparks from causing the chemicals used in the production of the drug from exploding.

-Those who live in the house may not appear to have any jobs or a visible source of income - but they drive expensive cars and wear the best clothes. They frequently pay their bills with cash.

-Expensive security systems watching the property.

-Garbage that seems out of place, like bottles and containers that once had ephedrine, rubbing alcohol, or paint thinner in them. Be especially suspicious if they start to spread the garbage around on other people's lawns to make the contents less obvious.

Source: Abbotsford B.C. Police Dept.story link



I have one beef with this article....enough with the scare tactic of "it could be cut with anything even poison!"

No it wouldn't be because these guys want to make money. They don't want you sick or dead, they want you high so you will come back an buy more.

Dead people don't buy pills.

Yes they do cut pills, but in my experience they only do that with agents that are fillers and benign.

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"Any parent that finds their children in possession of these, it's not candy," advises York Regional Police Deputy Chief Bruce Herridge, whose force helped start the ball rolling. "And it can have a debilitating effect on the kids in the short term and on our communities in the long term."

So Cops are Ecstasy now?

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Yeah, it seemed so bold a statement, I was wondering who decided for him to say that. Did he:

a. Actually believe that

b. Attempt to sway peoples views/attitude. (Pesonally or for some writer)

c. Just bullshit people to make the story more sensational.

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I’d have to agree with the media. Grow-ops are an easy cash grab for organized crime groups and I would be shocked if they didn’t use those funds to move other illicit materials. I’m sure the money that was coming in from the Molson plant helped fund other ventures. It is a fact that the bigger grow-ops are run by large organized crime groups. If you don’t know who’s growing your weed chances are it’s coming from the Hells Angels, Asian, Italian, or Russian mafias. It’s funny to think a lot of people on here, in a sense, support prostitution, racketeering, theft, heroin, murder, etc.

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anyone have ANY idea how many crops it would take ,or how BIG of a crop it would take to produce:

at least 140,000 Ecstasy pills and 214 kilograms of MMDA


If I'm not mistaken the $21 million or so that the bust is worth was about how much the Molson plant would yield, each crop.

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the molson operation yielded close to that ANNUALLY.

(about 15mil annually.)

seriously man, no amount of crops will do that....and the time it would take....

a 21 million dollar crop would need to yield 14,000 pounds.

were not going to get into how many plants are necessary to produce 14,000 pounds of pot per crop.

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