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favourite spirit of choice

afro poppa

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Easily my most continually purchased bottle. It used to be available through LCBO Vintages and I don't think you'll find a bottle under $75 that gets any better...unless of course you're looking for a bourbon or a gin that day. I remember paying $35 for a bottle a few years ago.

I never knew until reading about it that it's a 'conoisseur's blend' - whatever that means, aside from it not being a single malt and the fact that it's really quite enjoyable.

From Wiki:

" Unchillfiltered whisky will turn cloudy when stored at cool temperatures or when cool water is added to them, and this is perfectly normal. Unchillfiltered, cask-strength whisky is generally regarded as whisky in its purest form."

From various web searches:

"Prabàn Na Linne Ltd. - Proprieters of "The Gaelic Whiskies"

Prabàn Na Linne Ltd is the only Whisky company with headquarters in the Hebrides.

The Proprieters have specialised in top quality products using sherry casks and have pioneered the concept of "un-chilled filtered" whisky in order to preserve the protiens and softer flavours.

The front label is in Gaelic the language of the Hebrides and North West Scotland. The Gaels originally invented whisky, so the owners claim that this is the most genuine whisky available."

"The little lady of the islands." Tasted blind in a staff tasting a few years back this whisky was a big hit. The producers describe this as 'Soft, smooth, toffee-like richness, fully flavoured with a delicate peaty nose balanced by a sweet sherry wood after-taste."

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