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It's about time I said something.


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For a long time now, geez, maybe six or eight months, I'm not sure, I've had an almost constant problem with posting here on jambands, and it's something that never, ever happens anywhere else, or in any other situation with my computer.

The problem is this: I'll type a response to a thread and as I type, none of the words appear in the text box. I type away, backspacing to correct mistakes or change words using just my memory, as I can see nothing of what I type. With a time lag of anywhere from ten seconds to about two minutes, the words will start scrolling into the text box, usually the first few dozen characters then waitwaitwait and there's a bunch more and waitwaitwiat there's the rest of the post, you get the idea.

I've found that if I get tired of waiting for my words to appear I can click another window and come back to the jambands window and 90% of the time my words are then there in their entirety, while 10% of the time they are gone for good and I have to re-write the post.

Strangely, the problem isn't occuring right now as I type this, maybe it's only when I respond.

Anyways, does anyone else experience this and how can I make it stop?

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Which browser (and version)?

Does it happen when you've just freshly fired up your browser and have no other windows/tabs open, or only when you've been on the web for awhile?

Any difference that you notice when you've freshly booted up vs. when you're system has been on for awhile?

Are you running any anti-virus suite or ad-blocking software?

You mention that the problem happens when you respond to a post. Are you using the 'Quick Reply' at the bottom of the thread, or are you hitting the 'Reply' button and then adding your post? Beyond that, do you still experience the same problem if you do the opposite of whichever one of those that you do?

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I sometimes experience a 'small' delay between the time that I have typed and the time that the text appears on screen. Not the extent you have described though...and I haven't really kept track of exactly when this occurs as it is rather infrequent. I seem to recall it happening when I am private messaging someone.

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sounds like you have a load of stuff running in the background, V. and that your textbox is a low priority. does it happen if you log in on other computers? also, sometimes people's animated .gif avatars can slow things down.

or, it could be some sort of type-tracking trojan that you have on your computer, recording everything you type, analyzing it, and sending off regular reports to big brother.

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It only happens from my computer. It's happening right now. I can currently only see the words, "It only," but I'm sure it will all catch up soon!

Now most of the last paragraph is there.

I haven't noticed if it only happens in quick reply or only if the computer has been running awhile, I'm not very good at noticing cause-and-effect sort of stuff.

I don't usually run things, like I don't listen to music online or play games or anything. I only use email, check message boards, and use word.

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