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The Super Awesome Annual Superbowl meal thread, 2012 edition

Davey Boy 2.0

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We've all been mulling it over for a while now, haven't we? But much like applying lipstick to a greased pig, perhaps it's been eluding us.....well through the tried and tested method of brainstorming, sharing and postulating, maybe, just maybe we'll finally get it right.

Personally i haven't been entirely satisfied with previous years' offerings. Maybe it's filling up on snacky things throughout the day. Maybe it's the presence of filler, maybe I'm just too darn hungover on Sundays, I dunno.

This year we're currently leaning toward ribs but that may change several times before Sunday. Perhaps a smorgasbord of meat is in order. I know for a fact that whatever happens, bacon will be no stranger to the festivities.


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Still brainstorming as well. For sure we'll have the usual veggie platter for balance and I'm definitely making these wings again, easily the best I've ever made... the secret is to steam them before baking, recipe courtesy of Alton Brown:


After that... ribs maybe? Anyone know of anything particularly Indiana themed?

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Turns out I'll be going to a party hosted by friends of a friend, people I don't know at all. The spread could be as simple as a bag of chips with dip made out of onion soup mix, or as elaborate as a stadium made of sandwiches. I just don't know! My contribution will be some wings, using the recipe Ollie posted.

Have a great game everyone!

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