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Movie rec's?


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The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The BEST documentary on marijuana I have ever seen (I've seen 3). Very well put together and lays out clearly why the arguments for the continued prohibition of marijuana is ridiculous. Absolutely credible and by the end, entirely frustrating.

I highly (ha!) recommend it.

its on netflix.

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A Boy and His Dog - Stapes reminded me how f'ing awesome this was at Xmas time. One of Don Johnson's first movies, one of Harlan Ellison's best short stories. With a f'ed up twist in the middle.

haven't been watching muchy telly lately - hmmm...here's some I can think of:

Bronson (2009-not about Charles Bronson)

Super 8

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Whatever Works

Middle Men

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

X-Men First Class


Porlandia (awesome - very Kids in the Hall)

Life's Too Short

Todd & the Book of Evil

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Bronson (it kind of loses itself at some points but if you like hyper stylized movies it's great, I loved it)

Portlandia is great as well. Put a bird on it!

Pretty much what Tasha said, I liked Tucker and Dale vs Evil but I’m a horror movie buff and it's a fun take on the genre. Speaking of which, if you like over the top gore, check out L'Interieur (2007). I was operating under the pretense that I'm desensitized to everything but that film taught me a lesson.

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