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Anyone have a show they really enjoyed but find it hard to admit to some people ...

mark tonin

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Here is mine:

Ted Nugent, August 1994 at Lulu's in Kitchener

Went with a friend of mine who is a huge Nugent fan and I loved the show. Especially loved when Ted walked out onto a stage extension with a bow and arrow and proceded to shoot a Japanese guitar that was mounted to a target on the stage. The guitar blew up and Ted walked back onto the stage and layed into yet another hard rock tune. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and am still laughing as I write this. Love him or hate him, Ted knows how to put on a show. But it is tough to admit that I attended (and really enjoyed) that concert when talking to some of my granola hippie friends.

Anyone else have a story to share?

Peace, Mark

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Skydiggers, a notably less hardcore and much wimpy-er choice than Nugent, is my pick from a show in my college days. Granted that was a loooong time ago and I probably wouldn't stick it out nowadays, seeing as how spoiled we all are in this Golden Age of Canadian bands and shows in general.

At the time, though, I had a fun, drunken rollicking time. I might have picked up too, so that could be affecting my memory......

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Well, funny topic. I once went to this show in Chicago called "Triple X-mas". Performers included Pantera and Jackle, as well as strippers bathing in eggnog, and a sideshow. I don't know how it happened but our tickets were situated in the same section as all the performers. So it was me, the buddies, strippers (and spouses of strippers), managers, sideshow folk, etc....The guy from Jackle broke out the chainsaw on stage and cut shit up too

was a total riot (literally at some points). I was pretty scared of the Pantera folks but had a great time. we were a bunch of minors getting totally pissed and getty roudy. fun times!!

PS: don't see Jackle wink.gif" border="0 ....do they exist anymore??

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PRINCE. 1988 Lovesexy Tour!

Got to Maple Leaf Gardens, and they screwed up our tickets and had stupid clapton tickets for us for the next night instead. My friends girlfriend threw a fit and ended up with GOLD seats for us. We were sitting with the likes of Catherine Ohara, Erica Ehm, and other canadian superstars.

Shiela E. was a hot drummer. Prince played some incredible radio transmitted guitar while doing the splits and shit. I think he drove out in a car for Alphabet St.

whoooo eeee! what a night.

Here's a link about the tour.

Tour info

And here's a link to the guy who makes Prince's guitars...


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Funny as it seems to me, I took some shit from folks for going to see U2 at Copps this fall. It was awesome. They started the show with the house lights up. I was hooked. Great performers, less gloss, it was a great concert experience.

Oh, that and Bon Jovi/Cinderella at the Ex in 1986. First concert, first cigerette, wore the T-shirt for Halloween this year.

Still half way there, still livin on a prayer......

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Well, I don't mind admitting that I went to these shows, but I receive interesting stares when I do smile.gif" border="0

KISS Copps Colliseum 9/23/2000

KISS Centrum, Worchester, MA 12/20/85

Arena Rock at it's absolute best!

"You wanted the best and you got the best, the hottest band in the world...KISS!"

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david bowie.....(that's not the hard part to admit) 1987. the glass spider tour. (there i said it)

i loved it. i came back from 3 months in europe.....seeing bowie posters in every city i visited, but missing it by a few days. and when i got back, my friends had tickets for me at the silverdome.

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A) That Thompson Twins show did not rule wink.gif" border="0 not like the cyndi lauper show did anyway!

B) Glass Spider was good

C) Who the hell would give you shit for going to see U2? they're the supergroup of the world... narrow minded or what?

D) I went to the last KISS tour too

E) I still go to the headstones all the damn time, they're playing the end of this month and we're all going rockandroll bowling then to barrymores for the headstones...

show i'm embarrassed to say i liked? hmmm - i think i stand behind everything i like ... cuz i can't think of anythig that i'm very embarrassed about... i'll get back to you

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I once saw Jane Siberry perform at Ontario Place Forum and it was rather good!

Damn - I would have *loved* to have seen the Nugent @ Lulu's. His new album is called "Full Bluntal Nugity" - how fucked up is that!!!

And Scottie - don't let anyone ride you about U2: they're still one of the great bands of our times and I have nothing but fond memories of seeing them. I tried to get tix for the Hamilton show but they sold out too fast!

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Here's some shows that I'm not afraid to admit that I've seen and loved....

-Styx in '83 (i think it was my first concert ever)

-the Jacksons in '84

-Iron Maiden with Twisted Sister in '84

-Motley Crue with Y&T in the mid '80s

-Iron Maiden with Guns and Roses and Skid Row in '87 (I only liked the Maiden part though)

-a couple AC/DC concerts (the Gardens and Sky Dome)

-Slayer, Moterhead

-Sacrifice, Razor

-Kim Mitchel a couple times

-ZZ Top a couple times

and I can't believe that I'm revealing this, but The Grateful Dead (probably about 30 times) tongue.gif" border="0

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I spare no shame when I say I saw the Clash of the Titans show at the CNE back in 91.

What was the Clash of the Titans you ask?

It was THE fucking best Heavy Metal show ever.

Get this: Alice in Chains opened (their 1st album just came out). The band got booed off and rightfully so back then.

Then ANTHRAX took the stage and ripped it apart.

After their set, MEGADEATH graced us with material from their best album ever, "Rust in Peice".

Then, just when you thought you couldn't head bang anymore, SLAYER slayed us all with their mighty sword (I still have the scars to prove it).

FUCK YEAH, GIVE ME A BEER mad.gif" border="0

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I forgot to mention to interesting candidates.

Worst but first - Gowan at the Kingston Memorial Center in the summer before Grade 9.

(Who's a strange animal?)

Best you ask? BEATLEMANIA at the grand theatre (I actually recorded it on a shitty little recorder) and 1964 (actually THE best beatles cover band ever) at Stages.

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Rod Stewart baby....took my mom for her birthday. it wasn't that bad at all. sure beat the hip at copps. anyways, he sang hendrix's angel, as well as as forever young, broken arrow, and other good shtuff....nothin' crazier than watching middle aged women absolutely freak out, one being my mother. fun times...

other ones :

colin james...well not that bad just more screaming women...

and too many free kim mitchell experiences than i care to mention ...

kim mitchel setlist:

patio lantern (pt.1) > some crappy song > patio lantern (pt. 2) > another crappy song > some decent mitchel radio hit > patio lantern jam > shitty song > patio lantern final part > shit song to end.

no encore...no parts to patio lantern left.

but hey, its all good.

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i'm sure kim mitchell is a very nice man, and he would cry if he read all these mean things you say about him... wink.gif" border="0

MOTORHEAD !!! yay, one time when i saw motorhead and black sabath at a bar in Montreal, i was found wandering around the tourbuses in the parkinglot yelling LEMMY !! LEMMY WHERE ARE YOU ?!!

but thats another story on the riverbank

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Ok, I was,nt going to mention mine because I am not sure if you guys will even know who I am talking about...but here it goes....

When I was 8 I went to the Tommy Hunter Show with my Mom. He hoated this Canadian Country Music and variety show(kinda like Canadain version of Hee- Haw).I used to watch the show on T.V every week and when I knew it was comming to Lindsay I begged my mom to bring me. It was the first time I had ver seen someone play the fiddle...it was beautiful!

tongue.gif" border="0

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