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Merry Everything to Everyone!


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One of my favorite blogs is The Adventures of [color:red]ACCORDION GUY in the 21st Century, by a guy I used to know back in university.

In a recent entry, he posted about a song by Dar Williams that tells the tale of a family, part Christian, part pagan, that gets together on Christmas Eve. It's kind of sweet, especially if you're a softie when it comes to families reuniting (as I am).



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Happy get drunk with family and watch grandma do the dance on the kitchen floor and have her skirt fall down revealing enormous shopping bags disguised as underpants and then laugh about it the next day and stick reefer in grandpa's pipe and watch him laugh about nothing or egg the local buddhist kid's house because he has nothing to celebrate and after a long day of shopping and wrapping today sneak away and listen to the slip 5-2-03 recently posted in the bit torrent forum and remember when they were "That" good but be careful not to say so near real slip fans or they may castrate you...week

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