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The Death of Jagermeister?


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eugh....i think the only thing i like about jager is the way it's pronounced....not like mick, but like the way i like to speal jeah...not geeah, but yeah. that shit is GROSS!

they're still stocking it at the liquor store at mohawk and u james...and only in the big bottles as my mystery liquor store buddy keeps complaining. 95% of the time i go in there, the same chick is in there complaining to her boyfriend about how they don't have the little bottle and he's telling her how he won't pay that much money for that much crap and how he doesn't feel like cleaning her up when the bottle is through with her. i think she lives there, waiting for the small bottles to come in.

now....where are those yummy 200 ml iced cappucino mudshakes? there used to be a mountain of them, now there's nuthin.

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