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I am so sad. I can't believe Pepperjacks is closing! I am going to miss it so much! I hope everyone comes to see the Fat Cats on May 30th, and to some other shows coming up before then! Come and let's celebrate the good vibes, music, friends and management of Pepperjacks! Sooo many good times and memories!

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Below is a copy of (part of) the message that was sent out by Ken to people belonging to the PJC group on Facebook.


... it's probably time for you to know that Pepper Jacks is going to be closing at the end of May. It's been 8 wonderful years of music, food and friends but also 8 years of very hard work. A bit too much hard work to continue on past June when our lease is up.

Since you are even in this group you probably have an interest in live music(or good dj's) and I'd like to thank you ever so much for all your support of our club and your support of live music in general over all these years. No doubt there are some truly great people who make it fun to throw shows for and with in Hamilton.. Who knew? We've had "maybe" one "fight" in the entire 8 years we've been in downtown Hamilton. I really can't stress enough how great the crowds have been. I've especially admired anyone who's done the research, spotted something interesting and been brave enough to attend a show even if they could not find a buddy or crew to go with.

While I'm at it I'd also like to comment on the abundance of good music coming thru Hamilton. Even when we are gone, many great bands will of course still be coming by the other live music clubs in this city. Not to mention the abundance of talent that this city has in it's own citizens. Please remember that when you go to a show, on top of the potential to have a fun and rich experience, you are also casting your vote and approval to the promoter and/or band to continue coming back and playing Hamilton. The more support the clubs get, the more chances for unique and interesting entertainment to continue flowing and staying in the city. Also, rest assured that there are clubs in Hamilton that do consistently book the up and coming buzz bands that go on to play much bigger, less intimate venues for way more money. Since you are in the PJC group already, I'm probably just preaching to the choir so rock on buddy!

There are still almost 2 months of quality shows coming your way from PJC as well as some gems yet to be announced!

Thanks for your support and for being so cool!




I will certainly miss attending shows at PJC!

Thank you Ken for all of the great shows that you brought to PJC over the years, and for being so cool! :)

Peace, Mark

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it's a real blow to the extended scene, not just Hamilton.

But let's raise a toast to Ken and his staff!!! You really couldn't ask for a better crew.

and as an aside, while we are discussing this on a jam-focused site, remember: The Pepper Jack Cafe was (is) an important hub spanning several "scenes" around here. People don't always give live music a chance in Hamilton much anymore. I feel really lucky to have taken the stage there a couple of times.

And last but not least, they always served great food!!

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man.. i honestly feel like someone I know has passed away. I'm super super bummed out about this... I love pepperjacks soooooo much and I will forsure miss it... such good vibes, music and people and I really feel like I couldnt' ask for more from a bar... :(

But in a more positive light, I'm so happy I had the chance to boogie down and enjoy some sweet sweet wonderful joyous times there....


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To reiterate what Marco said, it was always important to have that guaranteed good venue to play in Hamilton, and a lot of bands are really gonna feel it when it's gone. Hamilton shows might drop off, and even plans of a Southern Ontario swing could change to other plans without such a consistently good spot to play in Hamilton.

Congratulations Kenny on doing such a great job for so long, and take a bow, you deserve the applause.

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man this is sad sad news. Makes me wish I was goin mor often in the last couple of years. Definelty will try to make a couple of show but will definetly be at the fatties show! Cant say enough about Kenny and his staff at PJC, always top notch and treated with RESPECT!!!!

So many memories and friends made at the good ol PJC! Thanks for all your hard work Kenny and staff and will be seeing ya soon.

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wow.. my day is ruined. PJC (along with the Casbah - Cincinnati Recs et al) defined my time in Hamilton, and without it I wouldn't have met some of the most amazing people I have ever met, or had some times that I'll remember forever. Wow, thank you so much Ken for everything. I agree with Sarah, I feel like a friend of mine passed away.

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