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Question of the Day 11/3/03...


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As I get ready to go to my grandmother's funeral, I pose a question to you, all my fellow skanks.

What is one thing or event that you want to do in your life that you haven't acomplished yet? I'm not talking about goals, just an event or an experience.

I want to go skydiving. I'm afraid of heights, but I still want to see the view.

take care everyone and smile whenever possible!

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i want to explore the deep, dirty south... louisiana, mississippi, alabama. the food, the people, the music...

i also think i'd like to make a quilt. i should start now, cause it'll probably take the rest of my life. (this, inspired by the passing of my grandmother earlier this year) ...whether you're five, or 105, you still have a lifetime ahead of you.

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Many years ago, my Dad said to me, "When your grandparents got married, they had their honeymoon on Centre Island. Your Mom and I had our honeymoon in Burmuda. You'll probably have yours on the Moon."

Sadly, he was wrong, and I don't see much in the way of prospects for either a honeymoon itself, or a chance to have it in space.

I still want to go into space, though; ideally the Moon, but even a space station for a week or two.



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Quietly watch the auroas again just north of Dawson City,Yukon( just beside the Top of the world highway) with the same person I first shared that expirence with.

If only for an hour.

Or have the chance to walk through the valley in Ancaster with both our dogs and say the things to her I really should have said when I did have the chance,for what it would be worth.

All my best to you Shain & your family,take care brother.((((((Good vibes)))))) sent to you.


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Originally posted by CyberHippie:

Spending some time on a quiet beach hut in Thailand! Where I can snorkel and dive, and basically do whatever I want. Oh yeah!

Hmmm... I'll be doing just that in about one month - as well as visiting Vietnam and Cambodia!

Can't wait!! [big Grin]

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