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  1. I hope you get to ride two ponies at once! Happy Fake Day!
  3. Yep, about 10km north of Durham, ON. Looking forward to the May snow fall...
  4. You could get all fancy-like at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, if you have a king's budget: http://www.langdonhall.ca/ There's also the White Oaks Conference Centre and Spa in St Catharines... never been, but it looks nice: http://www.whiteoaksresort.com/
  5. sweeeeet! (and a sweet follow-up to jazzy jeff!)
  6. Funny, I always pictured Col. Bruce playing keys... an ass of u and me, I say!
  7. They've detached their legs and are using them to contain the water, and tickle each others' armpits!
  8. Schwa.'s mom has a bad reputation!
  9. Schwa. to me: "Let's get outta here before he comes looking for his shirt!" Good times!!
  10. Sari and I are going to check out the Dexateens (w/ Huron) at the Comfort Zone Friday (12th). Show details: Link Check out the Dexateens' free album (great!!): Link
  11. Transcendance events were the shit!! My fave from this list: Jumping Jack Frost Live @ Renegades (94-95?) - My first 'rave'.
  12. I second this, and also Creemore and Hoagie.
  13. Honestly, I just like to check out (new) bands that NewRider is hyping... I like his taste, for the most part.
  14. I've got an extra pair on the floor. Sorry NR, you only gave me 13 minutes to respond! I double-booked myself this week and will be out of town, riding Vail with Schwa., Karin & James! Great seats though; sitting with Sari! $50/ea. Let me know if you're interested.
  15. Congratulations! You should get a monster truck.
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