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Dr Hux and Comfort Station @ Irene's TONITE!!!


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There's going to be 4 sets in total so 9:30-10 is a likely start time, or whenever we can rouse Hux out of his 'state' and prop him up on stage.

[color:"red"] Aljee is going to be all over the saxamaphone tonight too!

It's going to be a freeaking blast! If only Dave-O were here to increase the likelyhood of another Bluegrassy High reunion. Oh well, maybe the shaker?

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Happy Birthday Punk!!

We have a cooker lined up for tonight!!

If you can make it till the encore, and if he can stand, the birthday boy is scheduled to hit the stage ::

And after that, if you can pass, expect the usual Thompsonian debauchery at 40 Main.....folks.....let's do this thing.

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Hey, BIG BIG thanks to everybody for coming out to Irene's on Saturday night, we had a great crowd, and a great time!

Things are gelling at Irene's, we had Bruce (manager) back to 40 Main after, and they are very happy with everything our crowd brings!

Including the big drinkers, which the birthday Punk would definitely qualify as, maybe not by choice however, they were a little concerned at the bar at the shot after shot after shot after shot that this legendary human was able to consume....but he made it!! And we dragged him on stage to sing Helpless at the end of the night, and he was on, even with Jager dribbling down his chin administered by an epicly wasted Velvet, who plied him with a mid-verse shooter (hilarious).

The Velveteen one also cacked out at a pre-natal 3:04am.......booooooo!!!!:)

Here is our set, Comfort Station is kicking some serious ass, 2nd gig, and they're just smokin'! Nice guitar work Pootie Tang - you da man!


4.24.04 Irene's.


In the Meantime

Sittin in Limbo (Jimmy Cliff)


Girl with the Silver Muse


Don't Let Me Down (Beatles)

II (with Aljee on alto sax)


New Funk Order (dedicated to the adult film industry)

My Face

Free Man in Paris(Joni Mitchell)->Switzerland

Minglewood Blues (Bob Weir ;))

Encores (Comfort Station + Bouche, Sharon, Hux)

Slow Train Coming (Dylan)

Helpless (Neil Young) (with PEI Punk on bass and vocals)

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Hells yeah, that was fun!

I still don't know how 40 Main makes me lose track of time so easily. Perhaps the wee hours of the night go by faster. Thanks for having everyone over afterwards again BOYZ!

I went to get punk and gentlemonkey a punk-day shot and Bruce said "One of these is for that guy in plaid shirt? He's been pouring shooters down his throat all night. I'm a little concerned"

I let him know that he's in good hands with or without his friends around. He's got that east-coast supersized liver with him wherever he goes.

I'm looking forward to hearing the Free Man in Paris with Aljee just WAILING on the sax. He had some major lixxx.

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Anyone get any shots of the encore tunes?? espically the 'Helpless' with Punk doing the shooter mid song?? and the shot of BradM loosing it to 'Switzerland/Minglewood'??

Theres more images here.

Station Setlist

Set 1

Me and You (Original)

Monkey Sweat (Original)

Take the Money and Run (Steve Miller Band)

Breathe (Original)

Blurred Vision (Original)

Burnin and Lootin (Bob Marley)

Set 2

Love Potatoe (Original)

One Way Out (Allman Brothers Band)

Your Day (Original)

The Ocean (Led Zeppelin)

Kids (Original)

I Don't Mind (Original)

2-song finale of "Slow Train" (Bob Dylan), which is when the fuzz tried to break it up and "Helpless" (Neil Young).

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Free Man in Paris(Joni Mitchell)->Switzerland

Minglewood Blues (Bob Weir ;))

Hey, looks like we ducked out just in time. ;) Did you sing the O-town Fillies line?

Nice work on the Joni Mitchell tune. Made me think you should cover Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan. It's got that same funked out keyboard feel. I also thought a cover of Mr. Charlie might work. Ever think of that?

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