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i think there could be a cooler opener for the slip than SF&NFtT

cool band but nowhere near the calibre of the slip...i think it would be cool to see recipe or nero or the new deal or something like that...beggars can't be choosers though. I've never been huge on stephen franke. heck, slammin jack would rip it up with the slip better than stephen franke would IMO...but i'm also being picky. nothing bad about the band at all...i just think that they're pretty new to our ears and we've needed somehting new for awhile is all...


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Unfortunately MTL is definitely out for me. I am running a conference on the Monday/Tuesday following that weekend and it is just not even possible. Don't worry kids I'll be sure to tell the boys to play a set of ALL NEW MATERIAL for you. Which will mean that out of spite Marc will drop the Honey Melon on your asses with Spice Groove reprises.

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