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5 Disc Rotation And More.


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It's that time, it has been a while. Let's hear what you're up to! Here's mine:


Neil Young – Are You Passionate? *

The Jayhawks – Tomorrow The Green Grass

Bill Frisell – Gone, Just Like a Train

Buju Banton – Voice of Jamaica

U2 – The Joshua Tree

* this album just sucks.

Watching: The Beatles Anthology DVD collection – you can have it back soon TimmyB – thanks bro!! Wicked.

Reliving: Phish 06-19-04 SPAC

Eating: Salmon Wellington, eggs, bison burgers

Reading: The Atlantic

Watching: the leaves change colours

Feeling: horny

Drinking: Molson Export (it’s on sale)

Smoking: the Dankitydank

Thinking: about NewRider in a Prom Dress. Not at all related to how I'm feeling. Or is it?!?!?

Growing: grey hair, belly

Loving: Zero/Kung/Luke – dude just makes my day sometimes.

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wow marco that's a lot of protein and man love goin on there. loves it. I have a one disc changer and i've been listening to the slip, 08.27.04 disc 1 over and over. then i put on the slip 05.27.04 disc 1 and listen to it. oh, also trachenberg family slideshow players. and ooof course nero, it's been a lot of zedonk lately.

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Bob Marley & the Wailers - Natty Dread

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights

Grateful Dead - some montster 4 disc show that I can't remember the date of

Kokolo - More Consideration

Nickle Creek - Self titled

Watching: Bonnaroo 270 miles from graceland (2003). Much better than what I was expecing and had heard, maybe you had to be there.

Reliving: Bonnaroo 2003

Eating: various bbq'd meats, and the best chicken roti

Reading: Practical Demon Keeping by Christopher Moore

Watching: the days getting too short

Feeling: apathy and frustration - will this week ever end?

Drinking: Moosehead

Smoking: the very last of my white skunk (has their been any frost yet?)

Thinking: about why my computer died, and how to replace a power supply

Growing: melancholey

Loving: Bob Marley & the Wailers, that's the sh!t yo!

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A Ghost Is Born - Wilco

The Tennessee Fire - My Morning Jacket

New York Stories ( bootleg ) - Television

Welcome To The Infant Freebase - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol.II - Frank Zappa

Watching: I went to the Gala Premiere of Scarlett Johansson's new film A Good Wife, and I saw the premiere of horror film Creep - both were for the Toronto International Film Festival

Reliving: King Of The Hill repeats

Eating: Weight-Watcher friendly food and drinking light beer

Reading: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Watching: NFL football and the brutal Blue Jays

Feeling: tired

Drinking: Sleeman Clear, Coors Light and Canadian Light

Smoking: I'm a militant non-smoker

Thinking: That it sucks being thousands of dollars in debt

Growing: my goatee back... at least for a while

Loving: My girlfriend, and the state of music

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JOHNNY CASH "Unearthed" (It's been over a year this week since the Man in Black left us)

WILCO "A Ghost Is Born"

NEIL YOUNG "Harvest" (In tribute to Kenny Buttrey)

VARIOUS "Timless: A Tribute To Hank Williams" (It would have been Hank Williams birthday today 09/17/1923)

BEASTIE BOYS "To The 5 Buroughs"

R.E.M. "In Time 1988-2003 The Best Of R.E.M."

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Royal City – Little Heart's Ease

The Faces – Coast to Coast

BB King – Live at the Regal

Julie Doiron – Goodnight Nobody (album of the year)

The Sadies – Favourite Colours

Watching: The Office, Season 2.

Reliving: My days of reckless abandon

Eating: Tuna steaks

Reading: The Economist

Watching: Snowboarding season getting closer and closer

Feeling: Tired

Drinking: 50

Smoking: DuMauriers

Thinking: About a girl I like. And how in 2 hours I can leave work early to hang out with her. :)

Growing: Wiser

Loving: Weekends and girls.


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Two single cd players here. Zedonk is in one and The John Henry's are in another. Honestly.

Watching: Just saw American Splendour and loved it. Rented Fubar the same night and watched it again.

Reliving: My guitar days.

Eating: Michelina's roast turkey dinner. $1.25 at Loeb this week. If only I had a deep freezer.

Reading: Ghandi's autobiography. 6 pages left as of this morning. Harry Potter is on deck.

Watching: my computer screen

Feeling: sore

Drinking: too much (too much for Zyban anyways)

Smoking: still

Thinking: that if I don't start sleeping more than 5 hours in a stretch soon I'm gonna finally learn to type.

Growing: I hope so.

Loving: all the music that's coming up. And the fact that my buddy Jojo is back in Canada again after another year of earth exploration.

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Luther Wright & The Wrongs - Rebuild The Wall

GRaB Trio - 2004-09-04

The Slip - 2004-05-27 d1

The Slip - 2004-05-27 d2

GRaB Trio - 2004-06-07

Watching: - Daily Show w/Jon Stewart

Reliving: - Some old fears about one of my favorite bands

Eating: - Maroosh, it's all about the shawarma!

Reading: - The Sanctuary

Feeling: - Pretty good about the shows this fall...

Drinking: - Lucky Lager, Jager

Smoking: - Peter Jacksons, other things I better not mention

Thinking: - I need to find a new place to live

Growing: - Increasingly frustrated with people in general

Loving: - Living in Ottawa, best people in the world, by far...

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Oneness of Ju Ju - Hits

James Brown - In the Jungle Groove

Yes - Close to the Edge

Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life

Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters or Thrust

Stanley Clark - School Days

Watching: As little as possible

Reliving: Being born.

Eating: Thick rare steak, crawfish etouffe

Reading: Jitterbug Perfume, Grapes of Wrath

Feeling: Copasetic

Drinking: Blooday red wine - Yellow Label

Smoking: The odd cigar

Thinking: If a banana has armpits, how do you peel a lizard?

Growing: in open-mindedness

Loving: Family, Friends, Life

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Grand Theft Bus - Birth of Confusion (stuck in my car, zephyr i got yours)

Benevento, Russo, Gordon - moe.down5

David Byrne - Bonnaroo this year (great, i listen to this over and over)

Mikey Dread - (current listen, some show off my computer)

Steely Dan - 03.20.74 the record plant

Dire Straits - 08.17.85 houston

Watching: - nothing.. no tv!!

Reliving: - last nights tequila.

Eating: - constantly, i cant get full.

Reading: - the sanctuary, job ads.

Feeling: - indifference mostly.

Drinking: - last night, luckys, vodka and tequila. today, gin!

Smoking: - nothing. who's got my busty nuggets?

Thinking: - about jobs, places to live, and girls.

Growing: - no, my parents arent heady. soon though :)

Loving: - my family.

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moe. 68-28-01...capt USA>mexico Yeah1

Pixies- Coachella set...can't wait 2 see 'em

Morrissey - Viva Hate

Phish - SPAC set II night 2...uuggh TWIST!!!

JJ Cale - KFOG set 3-17-03

Watching: my telephone ring off the hook

Reliving: nothing, I'm just livin'

Eating: just had a 4 mushroom pasta...taaasty

Reading: kitchen confidential

Feeling: full

Drinking: Timmy Ho's

Smoking: marlboro lights

Thinking: I probably should be working instead of posting

Growing: lots of plants...no not those kind of plants...quite pround of the peace lily actually

Loving: sleep, when i get it

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moe. from moe.down 5

Neil Young – On The Beach

Xavier Rudd - Solace

Talking Heads - Remain in Light

Joel Plaskett Emergency - Truthfully Truthfully (and getting geared up to see them tomorrow)

Watching: not the NHL, that's for damned sure

Reliving: moe.down 4 and wishing I was at this year's

Eating: BBQ and home-made apple & cinammon muffins, mmm

Reading: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Watching: my work load pile up

Feeling: like I'd rather be playing guitar

Drinking: Schooner!

Smoking: nothing, and waiting impatiently for the Oct. 1 smoking ban in New Brunswick

Thinking: about getting really drunk at NorthernWish's

Growing: thirsty

Loving: being a home-owner with with my ladyfriend

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Listening: at lunch, ween -- quebec, and the radio.

now -- birds chirping, people talking, my fingers typing

Watching: fully enjoyed the survivor season premiere last night!

Reliving: wednesday night's dance classes... i'm still sore (but every ache brings a smile to my face, ah, nothin' like ballet pain, mmm, mmm, mmm)

Eating: i had bowl of rice-a-roni for lunch. and a handful cheese popcorn. i'm a picture of health.

Reading: small sacrifices

Watching: why is this on here twice?

Feeling: anxious to get this stupid day/week over with! and lingering resentment those fu©king ticketbastard technical problems yesterday kept me from getting floor tix for beastie boys. my gosh i HATE that fu©king company, i now have to get up eary tommorrow & come into WORK so i can try again. grrrrrr.

Drinking: i had 2 teas this morning, part of a coke at lunch, & now i'm incredibly thirsty with nothing to drink

Smoking: du maurier extra light king size, and way too fu©king many of them.

Thinking: about how excited i am to see backbacon tonight!

Growing: even more excited as each hour draws closer! heehee

Loving: life, dancing, people and ween

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Marco - this is just what I needed


B/R Duo - 3/10/2004 - Smells like teen spirit and Paranoid Android

Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days - for 4 months straight

Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon - actually what it sounds like and more

Bob Dylan and The Band - The Basement Tapes - if you don't own it, you wouldn't understand

Phish - 3/31/1993 - if Coventry did one thing, it reminded me to enjoy the body of work from these individuals I've been collecting for over 10 years now. Listen to yours..... today!

Watching: Too much Adult Swim Cartoon (Harvey Birdman, Sealab 2021, Brak Show)

Reliving - My first year of teaching (5 years ago)

Eating - more fibre

Reading - Drop City - TC Boyle

Watching - teenagers get weirder by the day

Feeling - overwhelmed

Drinking - every night to fall alseep

Smoking - NOTHING (dry) see drinking for details

Thinking - alot about the nature of long distance relationships

Growing - laundry on my bedroom floor

Loving - the notion of buying a new TV in a few weeks

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yes marco!


The Boss – the wild the innocent and the e-street shuffle

Warren Haynes – 08.06.04 Darien Lake, solo acoustic opening for the dead

Silver Jews – american water

Built To Spill – keep it like a secret

The Slip – 08.10.02 Berkshire Mountain Music Fest (hey Del, remember the time we were talkin about 1 disc shows to turn people onto the slip and we both said the Bumbershoot show? i change my answer to this show.)

Primal Scream - screamadelica.. this gets an honourable mention cuz i put it on again last nite for the first time in forever and remembered how great it is.

Watching: time pass.

Reliving: The Slip 08.07.04, and many things Evolve.

Eating: not as much as i should, but turkey products have been big lately... smoked turkey, cooked turkey, turkey burgers, etc...

Reading: Sometimes A Great Notion, and bits of Tropic of Cancer (to keep the morale up. ::)

Watching: things get worse.

Feeling: weird, these days.

Drinking: milk.

Smoking: drugs.

Thinking: that something has gotta happen soon.

Growing: tired.

Loving: someone far away.

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I'll give this a shot...



Don Ross – Bearing Straight

Oscar Peterson – History of an Artist - Disk 1


Gordon Lightfoot – Greatest Hits


Crosby Stills & Nash – Crosby Stills & Nash

Smokestack – Unknown Live Performance

J. J. Cale - Anyway the Wind Blows: The Anthology - Disk 1

Watching: People walking up and down the street.

Reliving: Oscar Peterson @ Roy Thompson Hall

Eating: Spinach Salad (no dressing), Cajun Grilled Chicken, Homemade Vegetarian Chili

Reading: No-nonsense Guide to Globalization

Watching: My garden grow

Feeling: Ambivalent

Drinking: Not. Quit for awhile. (Probably until tonight)

Smoking: Hashish, Romeo Y Julieta (Romeo No. 2) (Once in awhile)

Thinking: about something really exciting!

Growing: Older, wiser

Loving: Good jazz, red wine, beautiful people

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Little Feat 1973-03-20

The Gourds 2004-08-16

The Gourds 2003-12-31

The Gourds 2002-08-13

Little Feat 2004-07-29

Watching: Bob Dylan 2004-03-02 (DVD)

Reliving: Fat Cats 1993-05-08

Eating: Nothing

Reading: Walking on the land (Mowat)

Watching: A friend put her clothes on

Feeling: satisfied

Drinking: vodka

Smoking: white rhino

Thinking: about getting to Willy's for martinis or possibly dating this girl..

Growing: somthing herbal

Loving: watching my friend put her clothes on...


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